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About Kiwi Collection Canada, March 28, 2012

5 Tips for Smarter Travel

 Vacation like a jetsetting expert with these handy travel gadgets and tips.

1. Track your luggage
There are roughly 3000 bags lost each hour everyday at airports. You can get the Trace Me Luggage Tracker which helps airlines identify and match lost luggage to its rightful owner. Or, try out PocketFinder’s GPS Locater, a small GPS device that you can put in your luggage. The size of an oreo cookie, the devices gives you real-time information on the device’s location in 126 diffferent countries.

2. Find the right accommodations
In an age where the Internet is saturated with bogus and unreliable reviews, finding the right accommodations can be challenging. For the luxury traveler, Kiwi Collection has a regularly updated, curated list of the best hotels of the world. offers high-end hotels at a fraction of the price with the increasingly popular flash sale model. And last, for those who want a larger range of prices and the comfort of staying in a home versus a hotel, Airbnb offers global accommodations offered by locals renting out their homes.

3. Call home without paying roaming fees
It’s no secret that Canadian telecom companies charge a hefty amount for roaming fees when you travel. Pick up a SIM card from Roam Mobility and from just $3 a day, you can get unlimited calling in the US and back to Canada. They don’t have any activation fees or contracts, so you only have to purchase usage for the amount of days that you’ll be traveling.

4. Never run out of juice
If you’re heading anywhere internationally, be sure to have an adaptor. The all-in-one devices are recommended so you don’t have to worry about voltage conversion or which plug to bring. Try the 150-country adapter by Hammacher Schlemmer, that detects the incoming voltage for you and then converts accordingly. There’s also one from Mile High that is less bulky and does the job just as well.

5. Fly in peace
They’re definitely no bargain, but the Bose Quiet Comfort 15s currently offer the best sound and silencing capabilities in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. If you’ve ever flown red-eye with crying babies surrounding you, you’ll likely agree that peace and quiet is worth any price during such times of sleep-deprived desperation.

Amy Chan is a lifestyle and travel columnist. To read more of her blogs, visit


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