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The Wall Street Journal online USA, November 18, 2010


Another in our series of travel tips from executives who are often on the road.

November 18, 2010 


Mary Gostelow, editor-at-large, Wow Travel

Up in the air: 40 return trips a year

Areas of travel: World-wide

Best airport in the region: Hong Kong

Best check-in process: Virgin

Best taxis: Tokyo

Best journey from airport to city: Vancouver

Best frequent-flier lounge: Qantas First Class, Sydney (living walls, restaurant food, great design)

Best frequent-flier program: British Airways

Preferred carrier: British Airways

Favorite business hotel: Depends on the city

Favorite family/leisure hotel: Depends on location

Best luggage: Rimowa (stay at Excelsior Hotel Ernst, Cologne, Germany, and a Rimowa technician comes to look at your luggage, takes it away to repair overnight, and it comes back in a silver Audi, all for free!)

Best airline food: Qantas, thanks to Neil Perry, [a well-known chef in Australia]

Most comfortable airline seats: [Any airline seat] when there is no one sitting next to you and the guy in front does not push his seat back

Best coffee in Asia: Starbucks (in a mug or paper cup, definitely not a glass or elegant china tea-cup)

Best tip for staying fit on the road: Exercise twice a day, wherever

How to beat jetlag: Don’t think about it

How to get an upgrade: Dress well

Essential travel gadgets: A selection of adaptors, a spare plastic bag

Travel tip 101: Always have a Plan B in case something untoward comes up

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