Amankora: One of the Best Resorts in Asia

- Melanie Zieba,

Located amongst the pristine landscape of Bhutan, this traditional Buddhist land creates a harmonious union with the natural environment, allowing visitors to discover one of the most peaceful places on earth. Recently declared one of the worlds Top Resorts in Asia by Travel + Leisure magazine, Amankora is a journey waiting to be experienced.

Amankora, combining the word “aman” (or “peace” in Sanskrit) with “pilgrimage” and “journey” in Dzongkha, marks a unique entry into a secluded kingdom – the pristine Himalayan landscape and preserved culture have fascinated travelers from around the world.

With five nature-linked lodges, all creatively unique and sympathetically balanced to their environment, guests will have the perfect space to completely let go and relax. Each suite features naturally rammed-earth walls, wood paneled interiors and stunning landscape views.

Guests are encouraged to discover the beauty of the area on foot. Treks can be arranged over the mountain trails where wild goats, langur monkeys and the occasional leopard may be sighted. Spiritual visitors are offered a humbling and enriching experience with the first monastery established in Bhutan nearby as well as the 7th century temple of Kyichu Lhakhang.

amankora-bhutanAmankora is perfect for a luxury spa getaway offering traditional plant and herb-based therapies emphasizing a path towards healing. Through smell, touch, hearing, sight and taste, the Amankora Spa strives to capture a sensation which is wholly Bhutanese.

The experience at Amankora will resonate with visitors long after they have left. The natural beauty and ancient culture of the tranquil Buddhist kingdom is something visitors will never forget.

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