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- Tim Maguire, Artist

Tim Maguire


Acclaimed Australian artist Tim Maguire has taken the printing process to the core of his work as a painter, making both figurative and abstract paintings using the conventional method of commercial colour printing. He has exhibited at the Chisenhale Gallery in London, the prestigious Prospekt in Frankfurt, and various galleries internationally.


Here is a paradox, The Naoura Barriere is one of the few big hotels to be situated within the ancient walls of the Medina (the medieval centre of Marrakech), but once you enter through its fortress-like walls, you could be anywhere. The hotel turns its back on the bustling chaos, sounds and choking traffic smells of old Marrakech.

The hotel is built around a large pool, in a style that’s strangely generic. Décor is quite stylish, though the local decorative touches one might expect in Morocco are few. The rooms are generously proportioned, the finishes look a little rushed.

Breakfast by the pool was a curious mixture of local delicacies and a sub-par international buffet. We lunched at their restaurant. The staff were charming and helpful. The food, presented with some nice local touches, was decent. A word of warning for the traveler arriving late and thirsty: the mini-bar is dry. In other words, there are only soft drinks.

When we decided to venture out the staff could not have been more helpful. They were exceptional – politely falling over themselves to help with courtesy cars, directions and advice. I was new to Marrakech, and to wander its streets, squares and souks for the first time was an abrasive, sensual head-spin – not unlike the Hammam onslaught I enjoyed (if that’s the right word) during my visit.

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