Ambassador Hotel Review – Andaz 5th Avenue

- Collette Dinnigan, Fashion Designer

Collette Dinnigan

Fashion Designer

Collette Dinnigan is one of Australia’s most iconic fashion designers. Her career has spanned over 21 years and she has shown collections in Paris almost every season. She has dressed over one hundred internationally acclaimed actresses and has a strong retail presence worldwide.


Andaz 5th Avenue is in a great location just up from the park and an easy 10-minute drive downtown. But don’t be fooled by the hotel’s name – the entrance is actually on 41st Street.

Upon arrival, the service was fast, efficient and very friendly.

My room was very spacious and well appointed. I even enjoyed 15 minutes of morning sun beaming down in shafts between the skyscrapers, not unlike the movie 127 Hours.

The bathroom, by New York standards, is especially well designed, but I was amazed to discover there is no bathtub. It wasn’t for lack of room, you could easily fit four people in the shower, it was huge. Apparently there is a room with a bath. It’s called the splash room, funny that!

I would describe the design as funky-urban with a touch of Zen and a certain sharpness. The bed is incredibly comfortable with good pillows and good quality cotton sheets. If I had to compare the Andaz to an iconic brand, I’d say it was more Bang & Olufsen than Apple.

Room service was great. I enjoyed a healthy salad and chicken soup – exactly what I needed after a long flight. And, it is well worth mentioning that all of the non-alcoholic beverages and snacks were complimentary as was the unlimited Wi-Fi.

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