Ambassador Hotel Review – Hotel Grande Bretagne

- Marc Newson, Designer

Marc Newson


Marc Newson is a successful industrial designer who works in aircraft, product and furniture design. A Royal Designer for Industry in the U.K. and Creative Director of Qantas Airways, he is known for his biomorphic design sensibility, perhaps best exemplified in his iconic Lockheed Lounge chair.


The Hotel Grande Bretagne could not be in a better location. Virtually every significant attraction in Athens is within easy walking distance. Or, if you’d rather relax than traipse around with the tourists, you can sit next to the rooftop pool and take in the stunning views of the Parthenon and The Acropolis.

The service was prompt and efficient. The curb side check-in service is brilliant. My room was comfortable and beautifully furnished. The décor was so good that I was tempted to hide away and order room service. However, that would have been a mistake because the GB Corner restaurant serves some of the best Greek Cuisine in the city. I actually believe it might, in fact be, the best restaurant in Athens.

The rooftop pool is fantastic. The views are unsurpassed and the poolside bar is an outstanding place to soak up the sights and a little bit of sun.

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