Ambassador Hotel Review – Jumeirah Carlton Tower

- Tim Maguire, Artist

Tim Maguire


Acclaimed Australian artist Tim Maguire has taken the printing process to the core of his work as a painter, making both figurative and abstract paintings using the conventional method of commercial colour printing. He has exhibited at the Chisenhale Gallery in London, the prestigious Prospekt in Frankfurt, and various galleries internationally.


Hip it ain’t. But my, it was pleasant. The Jumeirah Carlton feels a long way away from Soho House – and it is. But if you’d rather swap the fume-choked streets and rowdy bars of East London for the leafy squares and soigné shops of Knightsbridge and Sloane Square, then this hotel couldn’t be better placed.

The service was charming, our junior suite seriously comfortable, the non-functioning TV swiftly dealt with, the complimentary bottle of champagne (one with every junior suite) delicious, and not even London’s lousiest overcast weather could dim the splendour of our room’s view south over Cadogen Square to the towering chimneys of Battersea Power Station; The glass towers of the city spread around the horizon. Clive James once said London’s weather was like living in a Tupperware box. Well, the view from the Jumeirah, pops the lid off the Tupperware. From the hotel you can take in the sweep and grandeur of London’s architecture as never seen from the street. And the view is even better from the top floor gym!

The hotel’s restaurant didn’t impress so you may want to go out for a bite. My breakfast in the lobby afforded a fine view of the concierge’s desk and made me momentarily consider swapping my croissant and coffee for a spin on the exercise bike and a much better view. But the hotel boasts proximity to any number of cafes as well as some great restaurants. For example, Hestor Blumenthal’s new restaurant Dinings is a five minute walk away (though you might need to book your table six months in advance). While the Jumeirah Carlton clientele might seem a little on the stuffy side, an eight minute stroll in the other direction will take you to Sloan Square and the Royal Court, home of consistently fine, cutting edge theatre for over 50 years – “the finest theatre in Europe” according to the New York Times. And if ever the view of Big Ben and the London Eye from the gym starts to pall, the leafy walks of Hyde Park are just up the road.

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