Ambassador Hotel Review Series – Australia

Kiwi Collection is the world’s largest and most diverse curated collection of luxury hotels. Our team of Kiwi Experts leave no stone unturned in their search for the best luxury hotels for a range of tastes and budgets—from Ryokans in Japan and tented luxury camps in Africa, to luxurious palaces in Europe and hip urban hotels around the globe.

The Kiwi Experts assign a rating across ten categories to each hotel, including rooms, service, attention to detail, wow and hip factor, and others. To showcase our unique rating system and unparalleled selection of hotels, we invited some of our notable Australian friends, including top actors, designers, chefs and authors, to visit our hotels and report back on their visit.

Kiwi Collection’s Ambassador Hotel Review Series. Unfiltered, unfettered and unlike any other hotel review you’ve ever read.

Our Australian Ambassadors

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