Around the Web: Lady Gaga Gets Special Cookies on Arrival, Londoner Polls to Plan Holiday and Lowdown on Airline Apps

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

Take a click tour of this week’s round-up of travel reads.

One democratic Londoner is putting a year’s worth of travel plans to a vote. – Daily Mail

A photog takes a feet-first approach to travel pics spanning seven years. Seeing them all put together is darn cute. – Tom Robinson Photography

Lady Gaga gets a special cookie delivery at her hotel in Boston. Rumor is it was the Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common where she stayed. – Hotel Chatter

Usually invading the homes of fashionable folk, The Coveteur instead documented street style darling Miroslava Duma’s designer goods in her New York hotel room (which would be the equally stylish Plaza, pictured). – The Coveteur

Judging a bookstore by its cover, these are “10 of the most beautiful bookstores in the world.” How many have you been too? – Because I’m Addicted

The lowdown what airline apps on your smartphone can do for you. – NY Times

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