Around the Web: Moby on L.A. Architecture, Beyoncé on Tumblr (and on Holiday) and 30,000 Works of Art Online

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

Dogs, Moby, Easter candy, clothes, art, architecture, commercial fisherman and Beyoncé—there’s something for everyone in this week’s corral of dot coms.

Angelenos looking for a local weekend getaway and advice on what to pack, here are five SoCal destinations and the duds to match. – Refinery29

Speaking of the City of Angels, have you checked out Moby’s straightforwardly-titled blog about architecture in the L.A. – Moby Los Angeles Architecture Blog

A guest at the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire in England documented his dog’s life at the pet-friendly property. It’s like the movie Milo and Otis, if Milo was also a dog. – YouTube

Another 151 galleries and museums have joined Google’s Global Art Project, so if you can’t get yourself to the Tate or Palace of Versailles, an internet connection and a mouse can. – The Guardian

While working on a fishing boat is no holiday, the images photographer-slash-commercial fisherman Corey Arnold captures are a trip. – But Does It Float

It being Easter Weekend and all, you’ve been wondering how a Peep is made, haven’t you? “Peeps Show: Inside the Marshmallow Chick Factory” is a hard-hitting investigative peep into the sugary sweet treat. – The New York Times Magazine

But likely the biggest news of the week is… wait for it… Beyoncé started a Tumblr. With personal photos galore, many of her and Jay-Z visiting exotic locales, it’s a voyeuristic look at how Queen B vacations (in short, glamorously, no surprise). – Entertainment Weekly

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