Art In The Park Exhibit in Zurich runs through Nov 30th

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These unique sculptures by James Licini are sure to be a crowd pleaser at the Art In The Park Exhibit, shown at Art In The Park at the Baur au Lac luxury hotel, Zurich, through November 30th, 2008.

As Matthias Frehner, Director, Museum of Fine Arts, Berne, says: “There are no frills to the work of James Licini. Nothing is surplus to requirements – not so much as a single decorative screw. In this space, devoid of superfluity, reduction is impossible. The axiom is all that matters. Licini‘s latest steel constructions tackle the fundamental challenges of sculpture and architecture alike. The relationships between load and support, the horizontal and the vertical, mass and vacuity translate these issues into a vivid array of fresh progressions and variations”.

The majority of the works exhibited in Zurich have been created especially for this exhibition, which was put together by Gigi Kracht, the energetic wife of the owner of the Baur au Lac, Andreas Kracht.

The 125-room hotel was designed in 1844 by architect Johannes Jakob Keller for Johannes Baur, who passed it on to his son-in-law Karl Kracht. Today, especially loves the hotel’s fifth floor Mansard rooms, which are convenient for the eyrie-like rooftop gym. The hotel has a fine wine cellar, and there are over 150 malts in the Bar.

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