Art Love: The Works of 20×200

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

Art is a type of travel. Pictures and paintings have a way of transporting us to other times and places sans airline queue. Take little trips while home too by collecting some works from 20×200.

The website sells limited editions at lower prices, making art collecting more accessible for the masses. Especially suited to those art collectors who aren’t in the market for a Basquiat or Koons, but still want some talent on their walls, 20×200 prints start at $20 and don’t exceed $5,000. Here are a few favourites on the travel theme:

Day 256: Vintage Airline Tags by Lisa Congdon (pictured above)

YES (You Complete the Picture) by Trey Speegle

prettymaps (la) by Aaron Straup Cope

Swimming Pools by Jenny Odell

Praia Piquinia 06/08/09 14h01 by Christian Chaize

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