BP’s “Top Kill”

- Nicole Humphries-Voorhoeve, Guest Blogger

Is it just me, or is there something slightly ironic about the name for BP’s most recent technique in its continued attempts to stop its oil spill? Considering the amount of wildlife and delicate ecosystems that have already been destroyed, the name “top kill” seems unfortunately appropriate, no?

Cautious reports from the US this morning implied that the “top kill” effort appeared to be working. Yet government experts said that the flow of oil from the well was several times worse than the preliminary estimate by BP.

And the Associated Press reported that the head of the agency responsible for regulating offshore oil drilling had been dismissed. It all seems a bit… fishy.

What is the “top kill” approach?  Apparently the procedure is intended to stem the flow of oil and gas… ultimately “killing” the well by injecting heavy drilling fluids through the blowout preventer on the seabed and down into the well.

----Oil sits on top of the water in the Gulf Of Mexico near Brenton Island, Louisiana. Photo by Mark Floegel/Greenpeace. Previous photo: Sean Gardner/Greenpeace----

President Obama has called the oil spill “heartbreaking.” Heartbreaking indeed, and it seems that a “killer approach” is exactly what BP’s disaster deserves.

Obama said the spill has highlighted the need to find alternative energy sources. And when you look at a map of the extent of the spill thus far, it is impossible to argue with that logic.

After all, how much of this kind of abuse can the earth take? For photos of the ocean in happier times, have a look at “Ode to the Ocean.”

And in case you need some cheering up now, here are some gorgeous images that we wouldn’t have without the magnificent sea:

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