Catacombs in Paris Closed due to Vandalism Just in Time for Halloween!

- Melissa Mewdell,

If the Catacombs are Closed, How Else Can We Scare Ourselves Silly in Paris this Halloween?

Hotels in Paris for Halloween

Nobody is less pleased about the closing of the Catacombs de Paris than the Skeletons pictured above.

When we think “Halloween destinations”, Paris definitely tops the list. The Parisians of yesteryear moved the dead to the damp and chilly pathways beneath the city, creating the Catacombs de Paris.

Visitors to Paris could have the bone-chilling experience (ha, ha!) of observing heaps of skeletons (layered like a hellish birthday cake) in what is arguably the world’s creepiest crypt. Also many visitors claim to have met some of the lost souls wandering around in there, quite agitated of course, after being disturbed from their original graves.

So you can imagine how ticked we were here at Kiwi Collection to learn that Paris’ creepiest tourist destination, and Halloween site extraordinaire, is closed indefinitely due to vandalism!

Jerks! Schemers! Finks!

Vandals let themselves loose in the Catacombs in September, and scattered bones throughout the passageways. Now, with parts of the Catacombs inaccessible, they’re shut to the public – just in time for Halloween 2009.

It begs the question: how else can we scare ourselves silly in Paris this Halloween?

Paris Dog CemetaryWell, nothing will truly replace the eeriness of the Catacombs de Paris. But in the mean time, those of us looking for a bit of a weird experience in the city of lights this Halloween might enjoy the following attractions:

Paris Dog Cemetery – located just outside of the city, this is the world’s first pet cemetery and is the site of more than 40,000 pet graves! That’s a lot of poodles, folks.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery – right in the heart of Paris, the Pere Lachaise Cemetery is the resting place of many a celebrity. Think of hanging out next to the resting places of Oscar Wilde once the sun goes down.

Paris Sewers Museum – something stinks, and it’s definitely not you, especially when you spend an afternoon crawling around in Paris’ sewer system.

Paris Erotic Museum – not nearly as scary as it sounds, here you can enjoy historic and modern erotic art from around the world.

Where to Stay When Getting Weird in Paris this Halloween:

Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris

Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris
There is nothing dark or disturbing about this hotel in Paris; in fact, the recent redecoration of the lobby uses deep reds, gold and bronze, perfect for warming you up on a cold, autumn day.

Hotel Fouquet's Barriere in Paris

Hotel Fouquet’s Barriere Paris
Also a quick 15 minute drive to the Paris Catacombs is Hotel Fouquet’s Barriere Paris. This luxurious palace has an interior garden, state of the art facilities and an excellent restaurant (Le Diane). After a long day of mingling with Paris’ ghosts and ghouls, ward off the icy hand of death at this hotel’s spa.

Hotel Keppler in Paris

Hotel Keppler
Chic, witty and playful are all good words to describe Hotel Keppler. In addition to being just a few steps from Champs Elysees, this eclectic boutique hotel in Paris is quite close to all of Paris’ other creepy sites.

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