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10 Questions: Mary Giuliano, Vdara Hotel & Spa Las Vegas

In our General Manager series, we catch up with heads of hotels for some unique insight and perspective. This week, we talk to Mary Giuliano, general manager of Las Vegas’ Vdara Hotel and Spa.

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The List: 7 of the Best Boutique Hotels

Fewer rooms, one-of-a-kind design, personalized service—there’s lots to love about boutique hotels. Herein, we highlight seven stand-alone properties to pick from when looking for an extra special experience, be it in Argentina or Arizona.


10 Questions: Korbinian Kohler, Hotel Bachmair Weissach

In our General Manager series, we catch up with heads of hotels for some unique insight and perspective. This week, we talk to Korbinian Kohler, general manager of the Hotel Bachmair Weissach in Bavaria, Germany.

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Trip Tips: 9 Places Off the Beaten Path

There are those spots that are highly coveted in terms of vacation destinations. Included in this list are the usual suspects: Maui, Paris, Santorini, and New York. If those spots have become a tad ho hum to you (a common side effect of wanderlust), perhaps it’s time to look beyond the usual and seek out the unexpected. Herein, nine places that lie a little off the beaten path, but just as exciting and luxurious.

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The List: 10 Relaxing and Recreational Countryside Escapes

The urban heat island effect is at a fever pitch—it’s the best time to get out of town. Whether it’s Oregon’s Williamette Valley or Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne, chart a course for the cool countryside at one of these 10 rural resorts.


The List: 12 Exotic Seaside Spots for an Endless Summer

Fall is around the corner, but that needn’t depress beach lovers—there’s always a warm sandy spot to be found somewhere. Herein, 12 luxury seaside resorts on our hit list to visit now through next year.

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The List: Well-Located Hotels in 12 Must-Visit Cities

Small towns are charming, but big cities satisfy the most diverse of curiosities. The key is finding a spectacular, perfectly-situated hotel with plenty of attractions nearby and concierges to arrange anything further afield. Here are 12 we’re loving right now in cities including Istanbul, Cape Town, Moscow and Shanghai.

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The List: 10 Honeymoon Hotels in Spectacular Settings

Planning a wedding is work; the honeymoon is the recovery period. These 10 picturesque destinations make those post-nuptial nights easy, breezy and oh so romantic. The only hard part is choosing one.

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The List: 10 of the Coolest Pools Around the World

Most pools are cool, technically speaking, but some are a whole heck of a lot cooler than others and luxury hotels are home to some of the coolest. Set your sights on these 10 across the globe, including two overlooking the Alps and one set right in the Indian Ocean.

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Trip Tips: 7 Hotels Seen on the Big Screen

Save for stories set in deep space or deep in the wild, hotels are a regular setting in a plethora of movies—be it the seedy ones or glamorous ones—and seeing as these locations don’t get taken down after production wraps, they allow film buffs easy access to reliving certain cinematic moments. Herein, we recount a few great scenes in a few great hotels.

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