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The List: 10 Unique Hotel Experiences

It was once the case that hotels would attempt to dazzle with a list of in-room amenities as long as a guest’s arm. However, today’s increasingly savvy traveler expects a little more than lotions and potions underneath the bathroom vanity. This demand is being met in a plethora of ways, but perhaps the most welcome one is the rise of unique experiences that immerse guests in the local environment. Several Kiwi Collection hotels have crafted particularly noteworthy offerings, and we take a closer look at ten.


The List: The Golden Bear’s Golf Courses

For decades, Jack Nicklaus ruled the roost on the PGA Tour, amassing an unrivalled collection of 18 major championships. In retirement, “The Golden Bear” has perhaps been even more prolific, parlaying his on-course career into a lucrative sideline as the world’s eminent golf course designer.


10 Questions: Pierre Zreik, The Allison Inn & Spa

In our General Manager series, we catch up with heads of hotels for personal stories and insider perspective. This week, we get to know Pierre Zreik, of The Allison Inn & Spa in Oregon.


The List: 10 Hotels with Amazing Kids’ Clubs

Anyone who’s traveled with children can attest: if the kids aren’t having fun, no one’s having fun. Also, securing a little parental quiet time on a family vacation is often the difference between coming home rested, and coming home in need of another getaway. Kids’ clubs achieve both aims. Luckily, these clubs are now ubiquitous, so finding a suitably impressive one is easier than ever. Read on as we take a look at some of the more spectacular options out there.


Father’s Day Getaways Inspired by Iconic Film Characters

Lots of dads make sacrifices to give their kids the best life possible. A large number opted not to be CIA assassins or treasure hunters, because it would take them away from home too much and stress out their spouse. To thank them for not living the wild lives of the movie characters they love—Jason Bourne and Indiana Jones, for example—take them on an great escape befitting their idol. Herein, five famous ones to spark a dad-bonding sojourn.


Spotlight: Turkey delights

It’s easy to fall into the lazy cliché of Turkey as a place where “East meets West,” but to do so would be a great disservice to the enchanting country. A far more apt analogy is of Turkey as the world’s first great melting pot, where mosques co-exist with churches, and Roman monuments are as common as crumbling Hittite ruins.


The Hidden History of Hotels

From rowdy rock stars letting off a little steam to the birth of a secret agent, every hotel has a story to tell. While most of us never give this a second thought when picking somewhere to stay, this history is often fascinating and worth taking a closer look at. We’ve blown the cobwebs off our history books to examine 10 of the most interesting stories behind Kiwi Collection hotels.

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The Chef’s 8: Franz J. Estermann, Vana Belle

In A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf wrote “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” In that spirit, we’re picking the brains of those who make the latter happen: chefs. Next in our series is Franz J. Estermann of Vana Belle, A Luxury Collection Resort in Thailand.

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Spotlight: Where Good Taste Lives in Sin City

In a city resplendent with gourmet dining and endless entertainment options, it takes a lot to stand out; to separate one’s self from the throng. At The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, expectations are exceeded thanks to the presence of a live music venue, one of the city’s hippest nightclubs and a variety of dining establishments. Read on as we dive deep into the array of dining choices available to guests.

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Weiner Schnitzel

Trip Tips: Taking in Europe and its National Dishes

European nations didn’t just use military might to assert their dominance in Colonial times; they also took to the kitchen to integrate their potential colonies. Centuries later, those culinary creations survive as national dishes, and what better way to get to know Europe than via the dinner table? Read on as we take a look at some of our favorite national dishes, and provide a little inspiration on where to stay along the way.

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