Cheap Hotels in Frankfurt: Luxury Never Felt so Good

- Melanie Zieba,

Although it’s true that Frankfurt Germany has the reputation for being the center of business and finance, there’s more to this great city than its reputation suggests. Beneath the surface, Frankfurt thrives on the arts and is full of international and local culture. For the person who loves luxury travel, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to feel luxurious. And with hotel rooms starting at only 100 Euros, Kiwi Collection features some of the best luxury hotels in Frankfurt!

In the heart of Europe, Frankfurt is a buzzing metropolis rich in beautiful museums and a serious night life. Business savvy or not, this city is sure to please every traveler. Visits to traditional taverns (like the Apfelweinwirtschaft Adolf Wagner), or a stroll though the famous Palmengarten – known worldwide for its beautiful gardens – are sure to spice up any getaway.

Check out some of the great hotels in Frankfurt that we have in our luxury collection with room rates that start at only 100 Euros. You’ll be able to have your luxury hotel and your Riesling too with prices this good!

The Pure:

Centrally located in Frankfurt this hotel was erected from a 19th century loft and completely renovated to express ease, clearness and transparency. Beautifully designed, the hotel is no more than a background attraction to the guests’ eyes, while happenings around will be focused.

At The Pure, the rooms are nice and open with bright material and an extraordinary atmosphere, its wonderful place to spoil the soul.


Just minutes from the River Main, Roomers is in the heart of the city’s business metropolis and a triumph of modern hotel design.  Decorated with cool dark furnishings, glass and concrete, it creates an ambiance of exclusivity and ultimate modern luxury.

Roomers will also impress you with their restaurant and a bar spread over five impeccably designed stories. The restaurant serves delicious local dishes using fresh ingredients accompanied by an extensive wine list.


This newly renovated 14th century estate was built on the picturesque spot on the left bank of the River Main. Complete with an exquisite summer garden in the bustling city makes it a great escape to chill out with friends over a fresh local draught beer.

At the Gerbermuhle, style and aesthetics blend, merging tradition and innovation to create a completely unique environment ideal for perfect nights and rewarding days.

Each room is decorated with exclusive materials to create its own distinctive individually and character. This hotel is the perfect getaway in the heart of Frankfurt.

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