Check-in: Casa Dorada Los Cabos

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

Yours truly checks-in at Casa Dorada Los Cabos for sun, sea and margaritas. Those stuck inside offices, click through to live vicariously.

Los Cabos likes to party, but I found some rest and respite in the morning by taking one of the hotel’s beachside cabanas, catching up on my New Yorker reading and ordering tasty fish tacos and 2-for-1 margaritas. It was “late” morning, and I was on vacation, so no grief on the drinks alright.

While mucho touristy, I still highly recommend taking a boat out to the infamous arch and tail end of the Baja California Sur (the hotel can book it for you), because it really is as gorgeous as they say it is. If you doubt me, here you go…

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