Check-in: Rosewood Hotel Georgia

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

Like a less gruesome version of Hansel and Gretel, I discovered that the Rosewood Hotel Georgia had it out to sweeten me up when I checked in.

In the lobby, especially for Easter, pastry chef Mark Burton has created a few two-foot tall chocolate eggs that would give birth to a screaming sugar high.

When I arrived in my room there was a giant Oreo-type cookie awaiting me and baiting me to eat it. I acquiesced. The two chocolatey sides were more like melt-in-your mouth brownie than crunchy, crumbly cookie, which was a welcome surprise.

If that weren’t enough, after turn down two sugar cookies and a few sage words from Marlene Dietrich were there to tuck me in.

The next morning you’d think I’d have had my fill, but I’d now developed a habit which I had to feed. So it was a chocolate croissant for breakfast at the Parisian-style Bel Cafe connected to the hotel. ‘Tis a sweet life.

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