Check-in: Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

- Bradley Cocks, our SVP of Business Development for the Asia and Pacific region, has been part of the Kiwi Collection team for over seven years. Originally from Canada, he relocated to Sydney, Australia in 2004 and still resides there today.

Another check-in from lucky duck Bradley Cocks who continues to mix business with pleasure (busisure? Pleaness?) as he makes the hotel rounds in the Maldives. He’s got info and images from his latest stop at Six Senses Laamu.

There is something magical about arriving at a luxury resort with warm greetings from barefoot hosts. It instantly puts you at ease.

Speaking with a guest on a speedboat to Ying Yang surf break, just off Laamu Island, he commented, “It is almost impossible to see any metal, cement, wires, cords, TVs or air conditioners anywhere!” The attention to detail here is uncanny. Treated New Zealand Pine and Acacia wood is essentially all you see at this pseudo Robinson Crusoe-styled resort just 150 kilometers north of the equator. It is the first hotel to open in the Laamu Atoll. The resort’s playfulness makes you feel younger on arrival and even younger upon departure. This is the secret to a great experience, isn’t it?

The beautifully appointed rooms have exceptionally soft linen sheets.

Basins are set within vintage luggage.

The shower and bathtub are outdoors.

A small upstairs roof terrace is there for sunbathing or stargazing.

The Six Senses mantra is “SLOW LIFE” which stands for “Sustainable Local Organic Wellness Learning Inspiring Fun Experiences”, and you can feel the passion and enthusiasm everywhere.

One key aspect of the resort’s staff bonus structure is the Waste to Wealth calculator which aims to ensure there is no more then 30kg of waste per 100kg of products brought onto the island. They are currently very successful at 27.5kg, but if they go over 30, bonuses are forfeited. How can each staff member control this? Here’s one example: If the host who deals with local fishermen arranges to abolish the tradition of delivering each catch via Styrofoam containers and arranges for a portable refrigeration unit he or she can instantly reduce waste. This has already had a positive impact on their calculation system.

The organic garden at Six Senses Laamu is the most impressive I’ve come across, stocked with spring onion, arugula, eggplant, mustard leaf and morning glory. It ultimately delivers a superior product for guests and reduces costs.

A perfectly placed juice bar is located within the spa area and offers a relaxing refuge with ocean views.

There are nine spa treatment rooms, four with a bird’s nest design, all breathtaking and configured for couples.

Six Senses Laamu is also highly suitable for children with a lovely jungle cinema and play areas, including a sand floor table tennis lounge.

Butlers are called “GEMS” an acronym for Guest Experience Makers, and they are extraordinarily friendly and efficient.

Back to my point about playfulness, every guest acquires a California-esque cruiser push bike on arrival. Jetty’s A, B and C are quite long so this makes sense, but riding to and from your room and around the island’s sand roads is just plain ol’ fun.

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