Check-in: Sparkling Hill Resort and Wellness Hotel

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

En route to Silver Star Mountain in Vernon, B.C., for some skiing, I stopped in at Sparkling Hill to see firsthand just how many Swarovski crystals are contained within the one-of-a-kind resort and wellness hotel.

I’m told there’s 3.5 million, but there could be more, they just stopped counting at 3.5 million. In the entry-way, the crystals, streams of them, cascade from the ceiling. Behind, light pours in through a three-story window of many individual pieces, made to mimic a multifaceted crystal.

And they left no thing un-sparkled. Even the washroom signs are spelled out in Swarovski crystals, and in the women’s (I assume the men’s too) the mirrors are inset with more of the same.

The European-style resort is also well-known for having the only cold sauna in North America. Set to a frigid -110°C/-166°F, it’s said to aid arthritis pain, reduce inflammation caused by injury and even help hangovers. I could have used an aprés-ski stop-in for those last two ailments.

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