Chi the Spa at Shangri-La Offers Kiwi Guests a Special Promotion

- Melissa Mewdell,

The Shangri-La Vancouver is known as a business traveler’s haven and hot spot for excellent cuisine. But, did you also know that the Shangri-La Vancouver also boasts an excellent Spa: Chi the Spa at Shangri-La?

The Shangri-La is offering a special promotion for Kiwi Collection members. Guests who ask for the Kiwi Promotion when they book their signature facial or massage treatment will receive a complimentary Spring Skin Body Polish. The promotion runs from March 9 to April 30, 2009 and is perfect for guests who want to feel fresh and rejuvenated right in time for Spring. Call the Spa at Shangri-La directly to book your treatment: (604) 695-2447.

Everyone knows that the Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver offers world class accommodation with all the amenities you’d expect from a five-star hotel. But, Chi: The Spa at Shangri-La is a little known secret.

That’s why when we here at Kiwi Collection learned that the spa was offering a special promotion to Kiwi Collection members, I had to pay Chi a visit to try one of their signature treatments (and the special body polish) they were offering.

Arriving at the Shangri-La by limo (which you can have that arranged if you call 24 hours in advance), I was immediately greeted by all of the hotel’s friendly and helpful staff, who helped me with my bags and showed me to the fifth floor where Chi was located.

Vancouver Spa Shangri La HotelStepping out of the Shangri-La’s elevator, we walked into a long corridor with the tranquil sound of trickling water over stone. What a great way to start a luxury spa experience! Immediately, my busy day melted away.

I was greeted by a lovely lady named Wendy. She was all knowledgeable about the spa and its various treatments. She offered me some excellent ginger tea with honey, served in traditional cups, and some plush, warm slippers to change in to. I relaxed in the waiting area, taking in my rich surroundings.

The spa itself was gorgeously designed with warm earthy tones and luxurious golds and coppers. I felt as though I was in a Tibetan/Himalayan retreat. It’s the sort of place where time stands still. I could just feel my stress vanishing as I enjoyed my tea (and my slippers).

Wendy asked me to fill out a questionnaire so that she could determine my “element” from various tastes, colours and times of day that I prefer. This is a really important step in the Chi Spa experience because your treatment is based upon your element. Everything from the tea you’re served to the aroma therapy oils and acupressure points used during your massage are based upon your element. There are five different elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal.

As it turned out, I am “Water”. This is a rare element type, explained my therapist. She hadn’t given a massage to a “Water” person since the hotel opened earlier this year. She brought me to my suite where I would be having my massage.

Shangri La Hotel VancouverChi The Spa at Shangri-La has six private suites for guests to enjoy their treatments without feeling rushed or intruded upon. I really enjoyed the exclusive and luxurious feel of the suite I was in! The rooms consist of a sitting area with a fireplace, a washroom, a changing area with large shower and steam room and the massage room.

After a quick session in the steam room, I had a relaxing foot bath and scrub over a traditional cup of tea served in a Jade tea cup (much like how Tibetan royalty would be served).

Then, I had the privilege of experiencing the Spa’s signature “Element Vitality” Massage, which is about two hours long. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed. I could feel my muscles loosen up as the therapist expertly found all of my tense areas.

The Element Vitality Massage is a gentle full-body massage which is totally personalized to your element. My therapist used oils that were made specifically for “Water” types like me!

At the end of the massage, I got a chance to experience the Spa’s special promotion for Kiwi Collection members who ask for the Kiwi Promotion when they book their treatment: the full body polish!

This was a truly unique exfoliation treatment because the polish is made from natural ingredients found on Vancouver Island, sea kelp from the Island and sea salt from the Pacific Ocean. Because of the local nature of the ingredients, you know that you’re getting a very west-coast spa experience that can’t be repeated elsewhere, that’s for sure.

I emerged from the spa soft, smooth and (best of all) totally relaxed! I can’t wait to go back and do it again.

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