City Travel Guide: Whistler to Win Her Over

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

So you failed to deliver on Valentine’s Day expectations. Just for the sake of this one story, let’s make the preposterous assumption that you’re a man. Here’s some relationship math you’re going to like: you and her plus the ski resort town of Whistler, B.C., equals bliss for you both. Click in for the itinerary.

Oh, and bonus, even if one or both of you hate skiing it still all adds up.

Let’s call this the XYZ Affair (in that X + Y + Z = An Affair to Remember). The difference from this XYZ Affair and the XYZ Affair of 1798 involving America and France is that the latter resulted in the Quasi-War, the former will help you avoid a Quasi-War.

X = Dinner
Nothing is more romantic than a cozy French-style bistro. In Whistler, Alta Bistro is your answer. They’re serious about sourcing the freshest local and seasonal ingredients, so their menu is ever-changing, and with that you’re injecting a little of the adage “variety is the spice of life.” What else is to love? Their wine list is well-chosen, their well-versed in classic cocktails (have The Last Word, a circa 1920s balance of gin, green Chartreuse, maraschino liqueur and lime), and their three course menus are both wildly well-priced and mouth-watering. And oysters, the ultimate undersea aphrodisiac, they have those here too.


Y = Breakfast
There’s a lesser known proverb, one very like another one, that goes like this: “treat a lady to dinner and you feed her for a day; take her to breakfast the next day and she’ll love you forever.” Or almost forever. The spot to stumble into the morning after is Elements Urban Tapas Parlour. Don’t let its strange name deter you. Take a seat, have a cup of coffee, or better yet a mimosa, and open up to the sweet and savory part of their menu. French toast (again with the French; they know how to do it) stuffed with honey ham and brie, très bien. And instead of a sad orange slice, they give a shot glass of fruit smoothie. Don’t forget a side order of their potato tartlet with chives and crème fraiche.


Z = Spa
All the food is fine and dandy, but here’s the pièce de résistance that will have her, uh, not resisting to forgive you for a V-Day snafu: Scandinave Spa, ooh la la. Modeled after, shocker, Scandinavian-style spas, you alternate between hot and cold (no relationship pun intended) here. The warming experiences include steam baths, saunas and hot tubs. The cooling stations include cold showers, waterfalls and plunge pools. After that, you Zen-out at regular temperature inside a solarium or on an outdoor terrace. Sometime during your day of doing nothing but heating up and chilling out, you get a therapeutic massage—Thai yoga, Swedish, hot stone or deep tissue—and grab a bite at the on-site café. Also, there’s no talking allowed throughout the entire baths area. That rule plus all that relaxing makes it pretty hard to quarrel.

Slot in an overnight stay at a plush hotel between X and Y, and you’ll have more than an armistice, you’ll be allied again.

Where to Stay:
The Fairmont Chateau Whistler
Four Seasons Resort Whistler

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