Coffee for a Good Cause

- Nicole Humphries-Voorhoeve, Guest Blogger

Well, I think I discovered the perfect way to spend a Monday morning yesterday: meet up with people who are putting their time and money to good use. Or where their mouth is, for that matter.

At least, that’s how I felt during an event at Vancouver’s 49th Parallel this morning.

lululemon athletica’s Shannon and Chip Wilson have partnered with 49th Parallel Coffee Roasting Company’s Vince Piccolo (all three pictured in title photo) in an effort to help raise money for imagine1day.

The Wilsons’ imagine1day is a nonprofit organization that allows donors to be directly connected to projects that provide primary education for all children in Ethiopia, Africa.

The current goal: raise $13, 500 – the amount of money it costs to build one classroom. How? Through the sale of the world’s most rare and expensive Ethiopian coffee, which is grown in volcanic soil at 1800 meters high and is known as “Ethiopia Sidamo Nekisse Micro Selection.”

Check out the organization’s website if you have time – – it allows donors to decide how they want to invest their money. That means you can choose between an education venture, such as the roof of a classroom, the water system, or the desks and blackboards. 100% of the donations fund children’s education projects… and no administration fees are kept.

I chatted with Seid Aman, the Ethiopia Country Representative for imagine1day, and Daniel Ataklti, the organization’s Finance and Administration Officer. It was Daniel’s first time out of Ethiopia but Seid has traveled for work quite a bit already. And as I listened to their stories about how excited the children in Ethiopia are to be able to go to school at all, it made me realize just how lucky kids are who will always have classrooms ready and waiting for them.

  1. Amy Fabulous says:

    49th Parallel is my favorite place for coffee. Cool to see them doing this social responsibility initiative.