Day of the Dead 2010

- Melanie Zieba,

Today in Mexico, many will celebrate Dia de los Muerots aka Day of the Dead, a holiday which gathers people together to pray and remember friends and family members who have died.

These celebrations in Mexico can be traced back to the indigenous cultures and is now an example of the harmonious relationship between Christianity and the pre-Hispanic traditions found in the state of Oaxaca.

The Day of the Dead isn’t a solemn affair, Mexicans, along with other Latin American nations celebrate with lively music and parades, an abundance of food and elaborate costumes. Some family’s build alters or small shrines in their homes including pictures of the deceased and scores of candles and an offering (oferendas)

Celebrations are being held all over Mexico today and if you are itching to see the beauty of the country, these hotels in Mexico wont leave you disappointed:

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