Destination Dispatches: A Meadowood Meal Fit to Photograph

- Kiwi Collection, Guest Post

The meal our guest blogger Christine Faulhaber had at Meadowood Napa Valley was so photogenic, not to mention delectable, it deserved its own post.

Potato gravel, house-made milk brioche, epazote, traditional Mexican herbs, finger lime caviar, foie gras stumps with pear skin twigs. These are just a few of my new favorite things.

The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napy Valley has certainly earned its three Michelin stars.

With a simple and precise greeting we were ushered to our table. Having experienced many top eateries, my husband and I weren’t awed by the style of the room itself. There is no pomp or circumstance. However, the setup and service are remarkable.

We are big believers in letting the chef and sommelier take us on a tasting adventure. And with a meal we knew would net out at $1000, we opted for their suggestions. We order the tasting menu with wine pairings. We are quickly poured champagne “gifts,” and miniature radishes in a “snow” are presented as our amuse bouche. Smiles all around.

The geoduck, created into mini bites of clam chowder, was amazing.

A few courses after that, the foie gras showed up and we were in awe. This plate was the kind that required you to sit back and stare at for a while before you could muster up the courage to break it down. It was a simple, striking work of art on a spectacular black plate. Our server (a different one for each course) poetically described each item. Potato gravel, foie gras stumps with pear skin twigs.

If the meal had stopped there and we would have been quite happy, but onward it marched with the delightfully light and round in your mouth feel of oysters.

We thought dinner was over, but the tasty treats kept coming. Until we were thinking, seriously, that’s enough!

All in all, a spectacular eating experience. My wallet is still singing from the price tag, but I feel we should take in those luxuries every now and then. – Christine Faulhaber

Principal of Faulhaber Public Relations, Christine Faulhaber is a proud mother of two and seasoned traveler. Her company recently celebrated 10 years. Check out their behind-the-scenes blog, FDrive.

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    Small but looks so tasty hmmmmmmm