Destination Dispatches: Free Time at Tribe, Nairobi

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Stacey Walker, one of our contest winners, recounts her stay at Nairobi’s Tribe.

When Kiwi Collection promoted their “Every 100th Booking Free” campaign, giving away $100 Visa cards to dreamers who got 100 friends to “like” their dream vacation postcard on Facebook, this dreamer opted for a free night stay at a Kiwi hotel.

Then the opportunity presented itself. I had a mission trip in Uganda followed by an engagement program in Kenya, and I needed to stay at a hotel for a night in between the two trips. Graciously, Kiwi secured a night for me at the Tribe hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. Kiwi is a benchmark of luxury so I knew I was in for a treat!

Boy was I ever! I arrived to find a centrally-located city oasis. From the moment you enter beyond the glass doors, you are enveloped in pure luxury. The details in the interior design, architecture, landscaping, and accommodations are incredibly beautiful. Walking around the hotel, there are several traditional African artwork replicas juxtaposed with modern furnishings.

Upstairs, I loved the contemporary yet traditional appeal of my room. Evidencing the ever increasing trend of mixing the old with the new was the flat-screen television facing African sculptures adorning the headboard.

My room overlooked outside seating, the cool pool and clubhouse.

There is a restaurant on the lower level of the hotel with ample seating and an attentive waitstaff. Outside seating is arranged on large slabs with water flowing quietly in between. It is very picturesque!

I had my first real cup of Kenyan coffee. I usually have to add milk, sugar, or both to enjoy my coffee. Here, I didn’t have to add anything. So, this was not just my first cup of Kenyan coffee; this was my first cup of black coffee!

I inquired at the front desk about places to buy snacks, souvenirs, and get local currency. Lucky for me, there is a shopping mall in front of the hotel called Village Market. On Fridays, it usually hosts a local Masai market where folks sell hand carvings, beaded jewelry, and other artwork.

All, in all, I enjoyed my night at The Tribe. It exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it. – Stacey Walker

Stacey Walker is a travel blogger who has been to over 25 countries across five continents (from business conferences to mission trips to five-star vacations). Check out her personal blog,

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