Destination Dispatches: Just Like Heaven at Paresa Resort Phuket

- Sabrina Locicero, Guest Blogger

With a name meaning “heaven of heavens,” Paresa Resort in Phuket, Thailand sets the bar pretty high for their guests. Though I’m not sure how one truly measures a heavenly experience, I have my ideas. And while staying a few days at the resort on Phuket’s mid-island Kamala beach, I put those to the test. In the process, I realized I’d at least found a few pieces of heaven on earth. In case that sounds like an overstatement, I’ll defend my claim with the the following five facts:

The View
The location is cinematic—endless azure ocean at its front, lush green jungle at its back and a combination rugged coastline with soft sandy beach below. It’s perfect for staring off into the yonder for any amounts of time. Not perfect for finishing the books I packed. But I never tired of studying this view from the restaurant, the pool, the spa, my room… you get the idea. Thanks to the free Wi-Fi, so did my friends on social media.

Taking in the view from my infinity pool.

The Respite
The resort cascades down the cliff side towards the ocean in a series of individual guest oases. The effect had me feeling like I was all alone in my private, full-service, tropical villa. When I arrived, I thought this might be a little too quiet for me. I quickly came to my senses and made full use of all of my villa amenities including the complimentary exotic fruit and Thai tea (hot and cold), my own semi-private infinity pool and, of course, the on-site spa.

The spa-like bathroom.

The Food
When planning my trip to Thailand, I knew delicious, spicy and adventurous fare was in my future. Paresa did not disappoint, though the combination Italian-Thai restaurant had me wondering. That was until I tried their spring rolls and green curry. The food was so flavorful I easily overlooked the chicken feet that served as the “chicken” part of my curry. For breakfast, I enjoyed more exotic fruits, fresh juices, champagne, delicious coconut waffles, benedicts and more in the same restaurant. And this feast was included in my stay.

Coconut waffles with a side of freshly-made carrot ginger juice and French press coffee.

The Beach
To say Phuket’s popular beaches can be busy is an understatement. Fortunately, one of the perks of staying in heaven means you get to avoid the overcrowded sand traps like Patong in favour of a private hotel beach. Granted, I had to take a shuttle to get there, but once I arrived, it was a full-service cabana experience complete with my own cozy beach chaise along with food and beverage service provided by my, er, the cabana boy who was just the right amount of flirtatious.

Fresh coconuts were my menu items of choice.

The Adventure
I was in Thailand after all, so my trip would not be complete without some close encounters with the country’s diverse culture. The hotel staff was ready and eager to help me plan those encounters, whether I longed to explore Phang Nga Bay (James Bond Island), the Phi-Phi Islands, Old Phuket Town, other “Ph” destinations and more. I took full advantage and had my fill of elephant rides, snorkeling, Wats (temples) and markets.

Exploring Wat Chalong.

Navigating the Phi Phi Islands.

I rest my case.

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