Destination Dispatches: Reykjavik 101

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It’s not often that a city experiences 24 hours of daylight. But when it’s summertime in Reykjavik, the sun shines day and night.

One of the best places to watch this phenomenon was out the window of my room at 101 Hotel.

Up on the fifth floor, my friend and I had a wall full of windows that overlooked a pleasant park and a sparkling new opera house on the sea. Even at four o’clock in the morning the sky was awash in the purple and orange light of dawn.

Inside the room, we drew the dark shades down to get some sleep in the comfortable king size bed. The room wasn’t large, but it had enough space for a desk, a table, a wardrobe, and a wide open bathroom with a spacious shower.

In the morning, we helped ourselves to the Aveda cosmetics in the bathroom. We then headed down to the breakfast buffet in the restaurant. The spread had everything from scrambled eggs to a cheese platter, and I helped myself to smoked salmon, yogurt, freshly baked bread, and orange juice.

Leaving the restaurant, I walked into the lobby lounge area. It was there that the boutique hotel’s membership in Design Hotels was most apparent. The heavy wooden tables were laden with stacks of art books, and around the room were scattered paintings and sculptures by local Icelandic artists.

Back upstairs the room was full of daylight. Opening the windows, I saw that the table had an iPod dock on it, and the mini bar was full of unique items like brainteaser puzzles, books, and spa products.

I could have stayed in the room all day, but there was more hotel to explore. Down in the lower ground floor was a small spa room with a Jacuzzi and a sauna that guests could reserve for private sessions. There was also a gym with four machines, free weights, and some floor mats for workout sessions.

My favorite place of all was still the lobby lounge. Buzzing with locals and guests throughout the evening, it was the perfect place to relax and have a drink, or just look out the windows and marvel at the endless daylight. – Julie Falconer

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