Destination Dispatches: Rocking in Rio, Recouping in Bahia

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You know what makes a balanced meal. When it comes to Brazil, this is a balanced holiday. One part party, One part repose.

First, the party. Rio de Janeiro certainly knows how to throw one, aside from Carnival, which happens every year, Rio also hosts the world’s largest music festival, Rock in Rio and I got to check it out.

Spread out over six days, about 700,000 fans came to see the likes of Metallica, Rihanna, Steve Aoki, Elton John, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Jamiroquai and Guns N’ Roses. For a slice of the action, check out this highlight reel:

Where should you roll in at night, post-rock? Copacabana or Fasano.

After the wild times in Rio, I was more than ready to relax and escape to see a more quiet, natural side of Brazil.

To make this trip extra special we chose Fazenda Sao Francisco do Croumbau, a quick 15-minute helicopter ride from the Porto Seguro airport or just under three hours by car, this semi-remote location is just what we needed.

In front the resort is 2km of white sand beach surrounded by a grove of nut palm trees. The color of the water is crystal blue, the beach is deserted. With only 10 rooms the resort oozes exclusivity and unpretentious luxury with decor reminiscent of the Hamptons. Guests can lounge in the main room playing games, reading stylish magazines and books on the big comfy couches, or sit on the large restaurant terrace taking in the fresh air of Southern Bahai.

Walking into our bungalow elicited a “Wow.” The rooms are spacious. There are 30 foot high ceilings, an expansive bathroom with sunken bathtub and rain shower, and a large terrace outside to take in the rustic surroundings.

Another “wow” came after every meal in the resorts large dining room. Included in the room rates are breakfast, lunch and dinner. A set menu to choose from, the gastronomy at this resort is excellent and one of the main reasons to visit. An organic garden out back provides the head chef with the ingredients and the local fishing village provides fresh seafood. Each meal was unforgettable.

In the day, relax by the salt-water pool with coconut water in hand or fall asleep in one of the hammocks spread across the resort. If you tire of relaxing, there is plenty to do, like take a bike ride along the shore or hike along the tracks surrounded by mangrove swamps. Besides swimming in the pristine ocean, you can also kayak out or sail up the Corumbau river and visit the corals in the reef of Itacolomi, where you can find some great diving.

After only two nights at this resort, we were rejuvenated, replenished and ready to rock in Rio again. – Farah Selena

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