Discover the Ultimate in Rustic Luxury: Dunton Hot Springs

- Melanie Zieba,


Nestled deep in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies is the small exclusive resort and perfectly restored ghost town; Dunton Hot Springs . This all inclusive resort is the perfect place to bring you back to nature and explore one of North America’s most beautiful areas.  Soak for hours under an edgeless sky in their natural hot springs and dine on  absolutely fascinating cuisine. Once you experience the Dunton Hot Springs it can be guaranteed you may never want to leave.

dunton-hot-springsEach of Dunton Hot Springs luxury cabins is an authentic, 19th century, hand-hewn log building, restored by local and Native American craftsmen who specialize in traditional building techniques. Although no two are alike, each bears a distinct individual character and history.

dunton-hot-springs-cabinAll cabins are furnished with custom luxury amenities and revel splendid views that change throughout the day with the shifting colors of sunlight on the mountains.

dunton-hot-springs-spaIndulge yourself at Dunton’s spa which practices the very best of holistic and therapeutic healing and specializes in totally natural treatments in surroundings that can only help relax and rejuvenate.

dunton-hot-springFood is prepared in the heart of the saloon for everyone to see and enjoy. The chef painstakingly sources local organic foods, lamb from the meadows that spawn fields of boletus and chanterelles, tree-ripe fruit and plump veggies from their own farm and vineyard.

duntonEveryone eats together at a long, antique table in the center of the Saloon. A tradition from the big cattle outlaws that Dunton Hot Springs chooses to maintain.

duntons-hot-springThe resort offers six ways to enjoy their wonderful hot springs that range in temperature from 85 -106 degrees fahrenheit: Under the stars at the source, inside the restored 19th century bathhouse, in the pool outside the bathhouse, in the pool behind the Dunton Store cabin, inside Well House cabin and out on the river at Christoph’s spring.

dunton-hot-springs-skiDunton Hot Springs is open all year round with an abundance of winter activities to take part in from heli-skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country and back-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating and ice climbing.

dunton-hot-springs-resort-coloradoIf you have a special event, why not rent the entire town? Dunton provides the perfect setting for a wedding, family gathering or memorable corprate event. The town can accommodate up to 42 people including meals and use of all facilities including the hot-springs, Saloon and banquet areas.

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