Dispatches from Sundance: Andy Samberg, Free Apple Cider and Sunny Walks in the Snow

- Carine Redmond, a publicist for national and global lifestyle brands and talent, travels to awards shows, red-carpet fêtes and industry events. She's come to accept astronomical iPhone bills and jet lag as occupational hazards.

From the Salt Lake City airport, Carine Redmond sends in the details of her final two days at the Sundance Film Festival.

Waiting in line for movies really is the name of the game here. In other words, I’ve made a lot of friends in the Sundance volunteers. If you plan a trip here next year, plan to do the same.

On Saturday, Queen of Versailles and Celeste and Jesse Forever were worth the wait, the latter of which was a fan favorite the whole week. Getting to watch Andy Samberg graduate into a more mature role left us all with a new movie star boyfriend.

Starving post-flicks, we opted to keep it casual and head to Park City fave and festival hot spot Main Street Pizza. On our walk over to check out Park City Live’s closing night act, Akon, a local business owner offered us warm apple cider. So it’s true, everyone in Utah is nice. Really.

Food highlights: a two hour stroll through the local grocer while waiting for tickets, with its Krispy Kreme stand (danger!) and stacks of local beer (all with only 4% alcohol, interestingly), and Kneaders Bakery for lunch.

Choice break: When the snow stopped, a walk through sunny Sundance.

The inevitable gossip: Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper spotted acting super hot and cold to each other. Are they dating, or aren’t they? Big chatter over whether she stayed at his rented house over the weekend.

Sunday was our last day to dine at The Foundry Grill and Owl Bar. We chatted celebs with our waiter and new BFF. We’ll let him stay anonymous so he can still schmooze the stars next time they’re in town.

We saw festival winner Smashed, a sobering tale of two addicts starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, which left me wanting to see it again immediately and subsequently never drink again.

Sad to leave the festival, I hit up Kneaders again for a last hurrah in the form of some cinnamon roll French toast. Mmm, see you next year Sundance!

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