Dispatches from Sundance: Bradley Cooper and Night Skiing

- Carine Redmond, a publicist for national and global lifestyle brands and talent, travels to awards shows, red-carpet fêtes and industry events. She's come to accept astronomical iPhone bills and jet lag as occupational hazards.

Carine Redmond, our gal at the Sundance Film Festival, checks in again.

Hunting down wireless internet and wait-listing for films defined our Friday.

A movie heavy day (it is a film festival, after all), Monsieur Lazhar, a Canadian film, was our favorite and a little taste of home in Utah. I scored bonus points for not needing the French subtitles;. Other top picks were Mark Webber’s The End of Love, starring Michael Cera and Amanda Seyfried, and the premiere of The Words, starring Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana.

Speaking of Cooper, he seemed to be the topic of much conversation. Overheard in line: “I just saw Bradley Cooper, he looks like Justin Bieber… and we can go now!” Personal weigh in: he doesn’t look like Justin Bieber and we all stayed to watch. He (as in Bradley, not Bieber) is renting a house here, and that’s the party invite we’re all trying to get. Stay tuned.

After a stroll, a Park City night ski (okay, fine, we just rode the chairlift) and dinner at Redford-owned Zoom, we went to check out rapper Big Sean at the old Harry O’s. Somebody stuck out like a sore thumb, and that somebody was me. The drink of choice was Blue Curacao. I had white wine.

Today, we try to make use of the fur vests and boots we packed for aesthetic reasons. Note: actual wardrobe choices consist of my dad’s cozy sweater, and layered leggings. Fancy.

According to locals, the festival is drawing bigger international crowds than previous years. We like this.

Brr… time to hit the hot tub.

P.s. The festival even conducts “formal” confessionals in hot tubs. Check out The End of Love‘s Mark Webber and Mollie Engelhart’s at sundance.org.

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