Dispatches from Sundance: Onesies, Counting Crows and an A-lister Playing Beer Pong

- Carine Redmond, a publicist for national and global lifestyle brands and talent, travels to awards shows, red-carpet fêtes and industry events. She's come to accept astronomical iPhone bills and jet lag as occupational hazards.

The Sundance Film Festival is coming to a close, and for those of you who can’t be there but still want to live vicariously, we’ve enlisted Carine Redmond, our cool, sardonic gal on the snowy ground to send us morning after reports from her iPhone all weekend long.

Like any high-profile film festival, Sundance 2012 is about industry chatter, fashion (and attempts at fashion) and scattered party invite coordination. The latter of which goes something like this: Meet X at Y who will call Z who will then transfer you to W, who is actually in L.A. but will get his talent manager’s assistant daughter to pull you out of line.

Carine (second from the right) and crew

With events and screenings spread across Park City and Salt Lake in past years, the snow kept me glued to Sundance for most of the day. My go-to for lunch, lattes, and organic treats instantly became Foundry Grill and the adjacent General Store (the big seller there: branded baby onesies, pictured below).

With time to sneak in a movie, we hit the wait list for For Ellen in Park City before heading to Café Terigo on Main Street for dinner on the recommendation of a Utah-born celeb (but shh, we promised we wouldn’t divulge her fave restaurant). The drink of choice: water. I am in Utah after all, I hear they dilute the wine, but maybe that’s just an urban legend. On the menu: grilled shrimp, polenta mash and pork tenderloin with a winter stew. For dessert, a double order of bread pudding with cinnamon ice cream. Is there such thing as “the Sundance 15”?

The look here is Extreme Ski Chalet and evokes a ’70s-era Robert Redford (no sighting though, rats!). And the party scene is littered with real fur, faux fur and Sorel boots. We hit up a late night music collab at the Skullcandy sponsored music lounge and listened to members of Train, Counting Crows and Vertical Herizon rock out. It reminded me that the nineties really were the coolest and I’m so proud of Sundance for showing Reality Bites, a festival fave in 1994.

Also spotted: an A-List actor playing beer pong. I feel like I’m in college.

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