DMY International Design Festival Berlin: June 9th to 13th

- Nicole Humphries-Voorhoeve, Guest Blogger

It looks like this year’s annual design festival will be a good one… instead of simply creating products, designers these days are building “processes and scenarios that are able to reflect, alter and enhance our living conditions.”

I just read through the catalogue for the 2010 festival and I must say, I was impressed.  How’s this for an interesting opener:

“From mobile phones to lamps to tooth- brushes – objects have become loyal companions of our daily life. While we constantly check our emails, get a take-away coffee on our way to the office or stay up late thanks to daylight LEDs, we rarely reflect upon contemporary design subtly and continuously shaping our daily lives, and vice versa.”

Central Exhibition and Symposium

The festival’s central exhibition will feature products and experimental prototypes by more than 400 international designers.

There will also be new product launches by professional designers, studios and firms as well as “processual and experimental” works by young and upcoming designers.

I was especially fascinated by this year’s Symposium, titled “Are nerds the new designers?”  Apparently it will focus on the evolving nature of advanced technologies, digital media and design. How intriguing is that?

For all of the details and more information (including a downloadable version of the festival’s catalog), check out DMY’s website.

And of course, here are some beautiful places to stay if you decide that you can’t resist a design date with Berlin:

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  1. Mrs.B says:

    Have just finished reading the rest of your previous articles. You are a truely wonderful writer.You manage to pack in a fabulous amount of information on current events and wonderful places to stay around the world! Every article is charming and deliciously delightful!! Can’t wait to read more!!

  2. johartamton says:

    nice to see the interiors

  3. Layla says:

    We posted our photos from the event.
    Take a look at our flickr album at:


  4. Nicole Humphries-Voorhoeve says:

    Thanks Layla! Those are absolutely amazing.

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