Dubai, See it, Shop it, Win it

- Nadia Mah,

The last thing you should worry about while frenzy shopping in Dubai is where to rest your pretty feet at night, so leave that to Kiwi Collection.

Known as the “shopping capital of the Middle East”, people from all over the globe flock to Dubai to splurge on the latest fashion, technology and entertainment.

InterContinental Dubai-Festival City

Now here is your opportunity to see, shop and explore Dubai for yourself. To participate, just leave a comment on this blog post on how you would spoil yourself  in Dubai and a random lucky winner will be drawn to win two nights for two at Intercontinental Dubai Festival City. The winner will be announced Wednesday, September 15th so good luck!

  1. disrail says:

    I would spend a milli on eating the most insanely rich and fabulous food, massages and spa, spoiling my beatiful girlfriend, and a little on the camel races. I’d definitely want to enjoy Emirati cuisine and culture, as well as all the other asian cultures meeting in the melting pot that is Dubai. Just looking at the photos of Dubai makes the adventure part of my heart water. Its insane.

    PS I’d also go indoor snowboarding.

  2. Nicole T says:

    The way I would spend a million dollars is I would celebrate my 25th birthday with my fiance. Finally buy my engagement right, wedding bands, maybe even set up a future reservation for our honeymoon. But I would make sure to go to every mall, shop, bar, restaurant, club, museum, spa, anywhere and everywhere to be able to experience the culture and to make my stay the most epic stay ever. of course I would make sure to come home with gifts for my 14 month old, cause she is our world and deserves only the best that we can provide for her. Plus if I was to win this contest we would also celebrate our anniversary(ies). We haven’t been able to celebrate the past 3.

  3. Julie says:

    Wow, I don’t even know where to start, words can’t even describe what an amazing trip that would be, let alone staying at one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, having that money to spend as well!! but i’m very certain I would make fast use of the money, and make some very good friends happy as well!!

  4. Dian Anderson says:


  5. Jen says:

    I would spend a million dollars experiencing the rich flavors of cuisine, exploring the culture, sights, sounds… and of course I would shop til I dropped! I wanna go to Dubai!

  6. Carena West says:

    If I had a million dollars to spend in Dubai I would fly my parents over from Bahrain to join me, go on a 4WD desert safari, go crazy at the Atlantis on the Palm marine and water park, shop till my feet hurt at the Dubai Mall and Mall of the emirates, then ride camels to a dinner under the stars!

  7. fierrry says:

    I would drag my significant other to every mall, have dinner at the most beautiful restaurants, hit the local markets for local food and souvenirs and shop some more! My S/O will hate me. Lol.

  8. RS Awakuni says:

    We would shop for new items for our home and for clothes. We’d eat foods that tickle the taste buds and torture the tongue (I like spicy stuff). We’d pamper our bodies with massages, scrubs, and mani/pedis. We’d view all the cultural wonders that the city and country could provide. Lastly, we’d capture all of these adventures on video and photographs, so we could share them with our friends and family in Hawaii!

  9. Jeff says:

    I’d use the million as a down payment on a luxury submarine because everybody needs one of those )))

  10. Siv says:

    I would buy one of everything for me and favorite gal pals and sisters. It would be so much fun!

  11. mg says:

    I’d use it for the greatest architecture tour ever – maybe by hot air balloon.

  12. Erin says:

    I would spoil the hell out of the most darling man in my life because he never gets treated well by anyone but himself.

  13. Ali says:

    I would spend a million dollars on clothing, souveniors for family & friends, tech stuff, and so much more… It would all be fabulous I can assure you that — I’m an impulse shopper so if I had a million I would definitely come out on top! Enter me!

  14. Lindsay Simmons says:

    I would visit the gold Souk and buy myself some pretty shiny things, spend the rest treating my other half to a wonderful vacation

  15. Ashlea says:

    I’d throw the biggest and best party in one of their spectacular restaurants and bars while giving away the most elaborate goodie bags ever, and travel in style with brand new LV luggage on a camel’s back! Then get spoiled at their beautiful spa.

  16. kelly seward says:

    i’d bring my family with me and treat everyone to the nicest rooms, food and shopping sprees. it’s always more fun when we’re all together. although i’d make sure to schedule some couples massages and serious quality time with my man, too. 😉

  17. Andi says:

    Oooh that’s easy! I would spoil myself with some incredible jewels for my wedding!!!!! And then buy some sexy bikinis and cocktails dresses for my honeymoon. :)

  18. Henrque Mercer says:

    I would buy lots of gold!!!!

  19. Heather C says:

    I would take the opportunity to enjoy it as much as the girls in Sex & the City 2 did! Camel back riding, shopping for clothes, flea market, pampering at the spa, drive out to the dunes, take a helicopter ride to view the city from above and party like a rockstar at night! Perfect getaway!

  20. jesus hernandez says:

    To relax on the sand of this gorgeous area the sunrises and sunsets that would be a slice of heaven…

  21. April Bonia says:

    I would buy a fabulous penthouse and shop for clothes, tech. toys and much more!

  22. yesenia guitron says:

    Would looooove for my twin sister and I to be spoiled at the nicest hotels, and restaurants. We so deserve it!

  23. Kelly Terzo says:

    I would shop for the whole family! I’d take orders from them and have a ball trying to find everything. Then everyone would also get a surprise gift. I would make it my personal mission to set a world record for shopping in the most stores in one trip!

  24. josie caradonna says:

    2 days only , welll i would just shop till i drop , ride a camel through the gorgeous sandy desert, visit the food markets and take milllions of photos of every inch of gorgeous exotic dubai, sip exotic cocktails in the most expensive hotels , just absorbing the beauty of the middle east, the silks an dthe spices would just blow me away …2 days of luxury but im sure i would extend my visit xxx

  25. Meagan says:

    I would enjoy some spa treatments for the first time. I’ve never been anywhere that far from the U.S., and I would explore and enjoy the culture. I would indulge in delicious food because calories don’t exist when you win a free vacation.

  26. Peter Palamara says:

    Dubai is beyond a beautiful metropolis, its a pure lux metropolis that I would love to visit. From the Burj Tower, to check on the build status of the Ferrari Center, to the shopping , to the foods, to skiing indoors in a land of 100+ degree heat. Oh sooooooooo much to do in such a short time!

  27. susan says:

    I just moved back to Canada after being in China for 7 years, 1 of my very best friends in in Dubai, another in Abu Dabi, another in Kuwait and another in Quatar. I would love to be able to surprise them with a visit. It would make my year and hopefully it would bring a smile on their faces, when I talk with them they always sound so sad and lonely. And O YES the Shopping and eating I would spoil them.

  28. Food glorious food – I’d eat my way through the rich tapestry of Dubai, from 7-star luxury hotel restaurants to street food from vendors – and then blog about it to share my bounty with the world!

  29. Frank L says:

    I would spend it spoiling my girlfriend with romantic dinners, spa treatments and ultimate relaxation she deserves for our first anniversary.

  30. Nida says:

    I’d love to take my best friend who is currently deployed in Afghanistan! She deserves a great shopping trip. We would definitely go snowboarding and hit up the spa for some treatments on our sore muscles!

  31. Natasha says:

    من منا لا يرغب في الذهاب والخبرات ثراء وخاصة في دبي فيستيفال سيتي خلال مهرجان دبي للتسوق؟ انها السماء امرأة على وجه الأرض حيث يحلم بأن انفاق حيز الواقع. وقد تكره زوجها ولكنها يمكن أن قضاء وقتهم في فندق انتركونتيننتال دبي الجميلة. واحة في واحة!

  32. Jade Robertson says:

    I would ski the indoor mountain and dive UAE’s beautiful reefs.

  33. Daniele says:

    My wife would probably say “only 1 million??? How can I survive two nights in Dubai with such tight budget??” :-)

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  35. Simona says:

    I would simply release free all my senses…see/touch/hear/ taste to the utmost so that I could enjoy and absorb everything around me…especially those “little” details that people tend not to notice or take for granted and usually those details are the ones that tend to leave you more astound than anything… in every room, every place so that when is time to go home….I will have spoiled myself and cherish each and every passing moment I had…. simply by closing my eyes and recalling those memories…. :)

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  37. mineola says:

    Spaaaaahhhhhhhhh spa & more spa. Did I mention spa? Plus ridiculous luxe meals. But I’d really like to go stargazing at the top of Burj Al Arab.

  38. Richard says:

    i think its incredible that parts of the desert could be totally transformed into rich lush golf courses and would love to play some of them. they look world class.

  39. I would use this opportunity to further spoil my wife, thereby again proclaiming of my love for her.

  40. amyfabulous says:

    I would take a fleet of camels and go on a romantic picnic. After a relaxing bath in rose petals and bubbles, I’d get my hair coiffed, then hit the shops. There I’d buy a beautiful Oscar de La Renta dress – think crinoline, taffeta and rich silk, vibrant reds.
    After getting ready in my penthouse suite, I’d put on a pearl necklace, slap on some fire red lipstick and have a dinner with my beau on the rooftop. Live music, gorgeous view and moonlight kisses. That’s definitely a day of being spoiled. =)

  41. Julie says:

    A design tour, for sure! I would check out all the fabulous hotels in the city and new developments.

  42. Michelle says:

    First, I would jump up and down then call my sister right away. I would take my sister with me because we haven’t been able to travel together yet and she is turning 31 years old soon. We would sign up for design tours, drink lots of champagne, eat a lot of good food and just enjoy everything Dubai has to offer :)

  43. Julie says:

    After I got over my shock, I would plan a trip of indulgence. Best food, best wine, best shopping, best spas. It would be all out decadence taking in everything Dubai has to offer.

  44. […] Dubai, See it, Shop it, Win it | Passport Luxury Travel Blog … I would spend a milli on eating the most insanely rich and fabulous food, massages and spa spoiling my beatiful girlfriend, and a little on the camel races. I'd definitely want to enjoy Emirati cuisine and culture, as well as all the . […]

  45. Carol Porter says:

    I would first book a couples massage for my husband and I. Then, being all relaxed, we would find a great place to eat…tummy’s full….we would go shopping for beautiful things!!

  46. I would check out the tallest building in the world, photograph the innovative architecture, swim with the dolphins, sample a variety of cuisine, stroll through shopping malls, and then immerse myself in luxury at the spa.

  47. Steph says:

    Being from the middle of the US where it’s boring, I would cram in as much as possible of the sights and shopping on as little sleep as possible with my lilttle sis to make it the perfect trip!

  48. Hannes says:

    I list just a few things I would definitely do in Dubai – a fishing trip at the deep channels of cargo ships; bribe someone to get to the top of Burj Khalifa and get scared to death of the view; racing day – the sand dunes with 4×4 and on the Dubai Autodrome track; evening trip to the Souks to indulge into the real Arabian magic.

  49. Arti says:

    I have been at the Intercontinental Festival city. It is one of the amzing places to stay , specially the Spa is an amazing experience. First thing is to have brunch outside and then out for a movie and shopping. Loads of fun for my kids , hubby and myself.

  50. Cara says:

    Mornings: On the beach watching the sunrise
    Days: Shopping, Shopping and MORE Shopping…
    Evenings: on my balcony watching the sunset
    Nights: belly dancing everywhere :)

  51. Christian says:

    I would shop till I drop, enjoy the beaches and the views from the Burj Khalifa!, explore the desert and ride the camels! All the stuff we weren’t able to do because our flights were cancelled in April due to the icelandic volcano… :o(

  52. Δημητρης says:

    Just enjoy of this fantastic hotel and facilities, relaaaaaaaaax and shopping ))))))))))))

  53. Lou Ann Norton says:

    I would shop til I dropped!!! Then I would rest in the room and just enjoy the view. After that I would treat myself to a delicious meal. AH heaven!

  54. Jeff says:

    Enjoy the hotel and find a decadent spa

  55. Sarah says:

    Simple: Shopping … pampering … relaxing … exploring :)

  56. Sanjay Bhatia says:

    The best wlay of spoling yourself is to laze around at beach, then enjoy a grand brunch, followed by shopping. The evening is the best time for pub hopping and Nightlife………….Dubai has it all

  57. Margaret44 says:

    I would shop till I drop, enjoy the wonderful meals, music, dance, flirt and relax with the their exotic spas! It’s Heaven… LOL

  58. Kiwi Collection says:

    Thank you everyone for participating. This contest is officially closed. For winner announcement, see here:

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