Ellerman House: A Perfect Retreat for Art Lovers

- Sarah Glyde, Regional Vice President Hotel Relations, EMEA for Kiwi Collection

If you find yourself in South Africa, you simply must stay at Ellerman House. With its unique accommodations, stunning views, delicious food, friendly staff, and stunning art, Ellerman House is not to be missed.

Stay in one of Ellerman’s 11 rooms and take in the breathtaking views of the hotel gardens and Bantry bay. Or splurge for the Villa and enjoy your very own private chef. Whichever room you’re in, you can rest easy knowing that the staff will take care of your every need.

Ellerman House offers some surprising and exciting extras. I loved raiding the pantry throughout the day for the home made cakes and pastries that Chef Veronica Hibbert and her team put out, though sadly extra swimming was required to burn those calories off!

As I mentioned, the artwork on display is very impressive and adds to the ambience. Hung throughout the house and in the newly opened contemporary gallery, this carefully curated collection represents the very best from South African art. Some of my favorite pieces included a drawing by William Kentridge and a sculpture by Angus Taylor. I also admired the works of foreign artists Araminta de Clermont and Raimondo Galeano.

When I asked Nick Dreyer, the General Manager, what his guests valued most in their experience, he struggled to narrow it down to just one thing. For me, it would have to be the great variety of choices.  You can choose to stay in a good hotel or you can choose to stay in a fantastic one. If you opt for the latter, then Ellerman House is a sure bet.

  1. amyfabulous says:

    Loooove it! I want to stay here. South Africa is on my bucket list and I intend to go within the next two years. THIS is where I want to stay. I love how modern yet creative and artsy the design and decor is.

  2. Michael Labelle says:

    Stunning. Stunning. Stunning.

  3. Sarah Lindsay Harrison says:

    I just looked at all the pictures of this hotel and I have to say, this place is a dream. My personal preference when travelling is to “experience” the hotel and the surrounding neighborhood, and I like it when a hotel is modern, but doesn’t lose the regional charm at the same time. For example, in my last trip to Florence, I stayed at what is one of the most “popular” hotels – but it felt like I was just in a hotel in New York. The Florence charm was not considered because the hotel wanted to look very modern. This may work for many, but when you’re at a hotel in a faraway country, don’t you want to feel like you’re outside of the USA?!

    Anyway, I liked this post and really liked the pictures of the hotel. Wish I could see video footage of it. =)


  4. Yeah seems to be really luxurious houses and Ellerman House offers some surprising and exciting things to visit as well to make enjoyment there.