Enjoy the Algarve with Vila Joya, Portugal

- Melissa Mewdell,

Vila Joya is the perfect hotel to stay at if you’re aching for a fine-dining vacation or if you just want a relaxing spa vacation or golf vacation in the Algarve. We truly recommend this boutique hotel for travelers who want to explore the south of Portugal.

What better way is there to relax than by taking a vacation to the south of Portugal? Summer is the perfect time to visit this area, although if you really are in the mood for seclusion, consider visiting during the offseason to minimize the chances that the towns, beaches, shops and restaurants will be crowded.

Regardless of when you choose to travel here, we at Kiwi Collection recommend staying at Vila Joya. This luxurious boutique hotel is found in the Algarve (the southernmost region of Portugal).

This hotel boasts a variety of types and styles of rooms. Of course, we’re always a fan of the best room at the hotel, which is the Deluxe Royal Suite. This room is on the ground floor with a large garden area, a heated pool with built in steam and an open air shower! It also has a spacious living room and eating area, and a large bedroom with a view and an en-suite bathroom with a free-standing tub, separate shower and built-in steam cabin. Two ways to get some steam…that spells relaxation to us.

Vila Joya Luxury Hotel in PortugalThe first stop you should make is this Portugal hotel’s fabulous restaurant. This place is great because of Chef Dieter Koschina. He personally hunts down the best and freshest ingredients which he uses to craft his exciting and refreshing culinary treats.

You might also like Vila Joya’s Wine Cellar. Two cascades of cold water keep the temperature and humidity of the room constant which is perfect for preserving a perfect bottle of wine. The degustation room has a view of the ocean and can seat up to 12 guests at a time. The hotel’s head sommelier and Chef Koschina put together a special wine degustation menu for food and wine lovers to enjoy.

Be sure to also check out this hotel’s relaxing spa, Joy Jung Spa, and the golf courses near by if you want to take some time for yourself.

What a wonderful way to spend some time in Portugal!

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