Estancia El Rocio Offers 25% Discounted Rates to Kiwi Guests

- Melissa Mewdell,

In celebration of their fifth year in business, Estancia El Rocio in Argentina is offering Kiwi Collection guests a 25% discount on rates before September 30, 2009. Perfect for a relaxing vacation in the countryside, you won’t want to let this offer get away.

Estancia El Rocio, a boutique ranch hotel in Argentina, is the sort of place where you can’t help but just melt into a state of relaxation. In the gorgeous Provincia de Buenos Aires region, no detail in this tiny hotel has been missed.

With five rooms in total, you are sure to get lots of personal attention. The rooms are named after plants that are native to the area. With lots of great wood and fabric, this place has some real country charm. All of the rooms have a private bath, and rooms overlook the olive tree courtyard.

If you’re going all out, be sure to stay in the Los Eucaliptos loft, which has a living room and a cozy fireplace.

This is the perfect place to stay if you’re in to the great outdoors, and want to escape city life for a bit. Go golfing, bird watching, parachuting, gliding or cycling. You can even play polo here. If big or small game hunting is your thing, you can arrange a special excursion.

Estancia El Rocio Argentina HotelsFor those who just want to relax, there are beautiful gardens to enjoy, as well as an outdoor pool. There’s also cooking classes at the ranch if you want to try your hand at preparing some fine Argentinean cuisine.

And speaking of fine Argentinean cuisine, you will really enjoy the meals at Estancia El Rocio. Here, you’ll get authentic home cooked Argentinean food, and you’ll know when to come and get it! Just listen for the bells! You and the other guests will gather around the dining room table to savor each meal.

Guests who book this hotel through Kiwi Collection will not only get the 25% Discounted Rate, but will also enjoy the special benefits awarded to Kiwi Collection clients that we’ve negotiated with the hotel: complimentary internet access and a bottle of champagne!

Take advantage of this incredible offer: it’s one of the best ways to really experience Argentina.

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