Experience the Beauty of Mexico at Capella Ixtapa

- Monica Laurin,

Capella Ixtapa is by far one of the best hotels in Guerrero, Mexico. With endless amenities, cool air-conditioned rooms, and unsurpassed views that can be enjoyed from the exclusivity of an adjoining terrace, this luxury hotel in Mexico serves as a perfect retreat year-round.

Upon entering the welcome coolness of my room, I was showered with gifts ranging from straw sunhats, beautiful white scarves, fruit, and flip flops. Fruit is also personally served poolside; pineapple juice is brought just in the nick of time; and, after a day spent overlooking the nature preserved islands across the water, comes a platter of Mexican chips with fresh salsa and guacamole—Yum! Oh…did I forget to mention the two refreshing Corona’s served in a tin bucket full of ice? What a perfect beginning of the end of the night!

Sink into the plunge pool overlooking the ocean, islands, and watch the eagles flying above coasting along the cliff. With the evening sun caressing your skin and the waves crashing on the shore, slurping an evening margarita in this sublime location is a must.
Take a walk down the stairs of the hotel and spend some time on the so natural rocky beach. The hotel provides chairs for you to comfortably enjoy the shore or the natural beauty of black rocks jutting out alongside the surrounding cliffs—a picture perfect environment.
When it’s dark, saunter down to the restaurant where the fresh fish caught by the fishermen in plain view from Capella Ixtapa are served with an array of local herbs and spices. How much more organic can you get? Definitely my kind of place.

The restaurant displays a small canoe filled with ice topped with a variety of fish, octopus, lobster and shrimp from the ocean for you to chose from.  It’s like a real seafood market but with the high quality service of the staff and luxury of the restaurant.  Guests are facing the ocean as they eat, no matter where you sit with the waves crashing and the candles lit.  I personally recommend this to anyone who can appreciate this natural beauty.  Romance and tranquility at it’s finest.


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