Festival de la Gastronomie 2010

- Melanie Zieba,

As the summer approaches and the time to start planning this year’s sunny getaway draws near, the people at Domes of Elounda are preparing for their 1st annual Festival de la Gastronomie!

Set in Greece, on the north eastern side of the Island of Crete, the Domes of Elounda’s restaurant, Topos 1910 has been making a name for itself and is on the rise in gastronomic circles. Critics and gourmets alike from around the world are already losing sleep in excitement for the festival which will be running each weekend from July 16th – August 21st 2010.

Different culinary masters from around the world will serve as Head Chef of Topos 1910 each celebrating Greek and international culture though delicious and sophisticated cuisine. And no matter what weekend you attend one thing is certain; a stay at the Domes of Elounda is nothing sort of heaven on Earth.

Dimitris Dimitriadis: July 16 & 17
Greek Gastronomic Circles call him one of the best chefs Progressive Greek cuisine has seen. Known for his post-modernist Mediterranean fare he brings traditions and recipes from every corner of Greece to his palette of flavors’.

Troumouches Georgios: July 30 & 31
Having worked with many chefs of the Greek culinary elite, Georgios is a master of his art seeing food as a means to express feelings, as communication, as an experience and a means to transmit emotion. Coming from a family of gourmets, he now is Executive chef at the Ellysium in Rhodes.

Marco Garfagnini: August 6 & 7
Garfagnini trained under the best chefs in the UK, Spain, Italy and in restaurants like the eponymous three Michelin-starred restaurant in San Sebastian. Recognized as the “Young Italian Chef of the Year” in 2005 he is most famous for his “Brittany Lobster Risotto” and “Cheese Tortellini scented with Lemon and Mint” recipes.

Leuteri Lazarou: August 13 & 14
With a lifelong love affair with the sea and all its riches, Lazarou was awarded his first Michelin star two years ago, the only Greek chef ever to be so lauded. Because of his passion and perseverance, in 2000, he was honored by the Athens Olympic Committee and asked to be the sole representative of Greek cuisine at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Yves Mattagne: August 20 & 21
Coming from a long list of culinary awards such as Best Hotel Restaurant Chef-MKG Awards, Paris 2003…Chef D’Or-Gault Millau 2005…Medaille D’Or-Academie culinaire De France 2006…Delta D’Or-Le Guide Delta 2007 and more, Mattagne is a true master of his craft.

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