Flash Flood on the Island of Madeira, Portugal

- Melanie Zieba,

Madeira-flash-floodLast Saturday, heavy rain caused flash floods all around the island of Madeira in Portugal, turning some streets into raging rivers of mud, water and debris. This is the worst devastation this Island has seen in living memory with 42 deaths reported over the weekend and close to 250 people have been displaced. Emergency crews are continuing their search for missing people along with a strong effort to clear debris.

According to the BBC weather center, they say the severe weather was due to a low pressure system, and that while Madeira can expect further rain with heavy downpours, there is no danger of a repeat of the flash floods.

Prime Minister Jose Socrates said he was “profoundly shocked” by the severity of the floods and promised the government would help Madeira recover as quickly as possible.

The island of Madeira, off the east coast of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean is also a popular British tourist destination and according to the president of the regional government, Joao Jardim, he has said that he is unsure on how this will affect tourism in the area but not to dramatizing the situation too much.

Kiwi Collection works close with three hotels in Madeira and would like to extend its condolences to their friends on the islands and wish everyone there a quick and safe recovery. And in support of our friends, please consider staying at one of these fabulous hotels in the future and discover the spirit of Madeira for yourself.

The Vine Hotel:


This is a hotel with soul located near the historic Se Cathedral and is close to the Funchal Tourist Harbour. And being that Madeira is loved for world-renowned wine, The Vine Hotel is the place to be, to sample some of the best wine the island has to offer. Spend your days here taking a dip in the panoramic pool, a vinotherapy session in the spa or a gourmet dinner with a view over the city: these are just a few of the pleasures awaiting you.

Other Hotels in Madeira you should consider:

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