Forbes Traveler Ranks Italy’s Villa d’Este ‘World’s Best Hotel’

- Melissa Mewdell,

Found in scenic Lake Como, Villa d’Este just learned that Forbes Traveler has ranked it as the world’s best hotel! Perfect for a romantic getaway, a golf vacation, foodies and people who just love staying in historical buildings, this hotel in Italy truly earns its reputation.

People search long and hard for the world’s best hotels to stay at. Thankfully, the editors of Forbes Traveler have made our jobs a whole lot easier by conducting a poll to settle it once and for all!

The Forbes Traveler team asked their top travel connoisseurs (including celebrities, travel industry executives, journalists and business leaders) to rate nearly 800 of the best hotels in the world and, of course, to dub the cream of the crop the world’s best hotel.

Each of these affluent travellers had stayed in at least 20 five-star hotels during the past year.

Using criterion such as room quality, service, decor and cuisine, we’re so proud to learn that Italy’s Villa d’Este stood out among the crowd, coming in at the top of the list.

Villa d'Este in Lake Como, ItalyThe Grand Hotel Villa d’Este is located on the western shore of Italy’s Lake Como. Surrounded by 25 acres of gardens, the hotel has 152 rooms housed in two equally beautiful buildings, the Cardinal Building (1568) and the Queen’s Pavillion (1861).

In addition, two private villas are available for short-term tenancies, Villa Malakoff (3200sf) and Villa Cima (7000sf).

We know guests will love this hotel’s gorgeous setting, delicious cuisine (prepared by the King of Risotto himself, Executive Chef Luciano Parolari) and the wide array of outdoor facilities either on the grounds or nearby. Think about having six 18-hole golf courses at your fingertips!

Now that’s a hotel.

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  2. Geoff says:

    Its not surprising as the architecture and design is definitely one of the best in the world. Coupled with a stunning environment and beautiful wildlife, it more than deserves the award.

  3. Yep…we couldn’t agree more. It’s the perfect hotel to be awarded “the best in the world” by Forbes Traveler.

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