Former Kiwi Insider Wins Prestigious Photography Award

- Melissa Mewdell,

Every seasoned traveler knows that amazing scenery plays a huge part of a great experience. And, of course, in the travel exposure business, great travel photography of that amazing scenery is the key to success.

Vancouver's Stanley Park by Eugene Chekanov We here at Kiwi Collection know all about great photography.

The photography talents of one of our own — former Kiwi Insider Eugene Chekanov — was recently recognized when he won the Water World category of Canadian Geographic’s 24th annual photo contest.

His photos of Vancouver’s Staney Park (one of which is pictured to the right) really highlight Vancouver’s stunning landscape. And yes, Stanley Park really does look like that!

Eugene was first acquainted with his camera at age 10 when he was growing up in Lviv in Western Ukraine. It was love at first sight.

He quickly expanded his talents in photography and learned how to develop black and white photos. Mainly learning by trial and error, he continued to practice this fine art when he moved to Toronto, Canada in 1994.

The sheer beauty of Canada only encouraged him to test his skills further as he captured the country’s Great Lakes, forests and rocky shores.

Eugene moved to Vancouver in 2006, where he continues to explore photography. You can view more of Eugene Chekanov’s photography on his website.

Now, we can all see that Eugene is an excellent photographer, but it certainly helps when you have attractive subject matter like Vancouver.

Vancouver is an excellent place to visit if you want to enjoy the benefits of a cosmopolitan city while exploring the mountains, tall trees and the Ocean. We recommend staying at any Vancouver luxury hotel if you’re in the mood to travel to this beautiful Canadian city.

We could go on. But one incredible photo is worth 1,000 words, right? Congratulations Eugene!

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