Fresh Picks: Golden Eye

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

“Fresh Picks” features the latest luxury properties admitted into the Kiwi Collection. This week, we take a peek inside Golden Eye.

Where: Jamaica, man. A secluded 15 acres in Oracabessa on the north coast, surrounding serene, sandy Low Cay Beach.

What: The name of the place, it’s a not-so-secret clue. It’s where Ian Fleming dreamt up James Bond (a.k.a. 007). He bought this property after being sent down here on a naval operation titled Operation Goldeneye. Now, with a recent redevelopment, there are 17 charming cottages to choose from. Including Fleming’s own quarters which sleeps 10 in three bedrooms and two guest cottages, plus a private beach and pool.

Who: Bond-wannabees, that’s a given. It’s also a favorite spot of celebs. But anyone who appreciates rum, jerk chicken, sun, sea and all that good stuff, will be able to handle it here.

Why: We’re still trying to finish our Great American (or English or Canadian or Australian) Novel. You too? Let’s meet up and suck up what success Fleming left behind in the tidal waters. Noël Coward also used to live in the area, so there’s got to be some of his genius still hanging around too.

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