Fresh Picks: Maikhao Dream Villa Resort and Spa

- Joy Pecknold, Passport blog editor

Fresh Picks features the latest luxury properties admitted into the Kiwi Collection. This week, we get a taste of living the dream at Maikhao Dream Villa Resort and Spa.

Where: Phuket, Thailand’s largest island. While white sandy beaches may be its biggest draw, the mountainous isle also offers lots of lovely hills to climb for a bird’s-eye view.

What: Just big, beautiful villas. Guests can pick between two-bedroom (5,000 sq. ft.) or three-bedroom (7,000 sq. ft.) styles, both of which feature private plunge pools and jet pools, wooden terraces, and outdoor Salas with views of the Andaman Sea. They also come with fully-equipped kitchens, so they’re perfect for longer family stays. For those nights no one feels like cooking, call on the butler, or dine at restaurants Dokbua or Beachside.

Who: A family or group of friends wanting a homey Thai holiday. In other words, it’s a vacation, but everyone is pretending they live there, and live well there.

Why: Thai villa. Those two words belong together and you belong in it.

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