G-8 Summit 2010: Muskoka

- Nicole Humphries-Voorhoeve, Guest Blogger

Protesters get ready and journalists take note: this year’s G8 Summit is set to take place in Ontario’s Muskoka region, and there is already one controversy on the table.

From June 25th to 27th, Canada will play host to the governments of the world’s wealthiest nations.  As such, Canada plans to impress them… unfortunately, however, one of its methods of doing so is attracting some criticism.

What method might that be? Well, in the interest of showcasing Ontario’s beautiful Muskoka, or “cottage country” region, the Canadian government has decided to build a fake lake that will be part of the Summit’s media center. The total cost: 2 million dollars.

Now, it’s no secret that Canada is a fairly fiscally conservative country. And with the current government in power, this is certainly the case – perhaps more so than ever – at the moment. By the way, let’s not forget that this is the G8 Summit. When has it ever taken place without countless issues for protesters to grab hold of?

Needless to say, it is no surprise that many Canadian citizens have gotten their knickers in a knot over the prospect of their government spending 2 million dollars on a fake lake… especially in an area that is so flush with natural ones.

The G20 Summit is taking place in Toronto, Ontario, so the installation of this fake lake will be in three parts that symbolize the two summits.

Canada’s goal is to create a “Northern Ontario oasis” that will include the fake lake with docks, a canoe sculpture, and Muskoka chairs with a stylized bridge in the middle. And at the other end, a “cityscape” of boxy urban towers suspended in the air will rest serenely.

Regardless of how you feel about the fake lake idea, Muskoka is a magnificent place to visit for any reason. And of course, the city of Toronto is home to the only true “American style” big city vibe in Canada.

Ontario is also the home of some of Canada’s greatest artists… you might remember references to Northern Ontario in Neil Young songs – that is, if you happen to be a fan. And if not, perhaps a visit to Ontario will help you become one!

  1. Lisa says:

    This region of Canada is a wonderful area to visit but I do need to correct your article when you point out that this current government is “fiscally conservative” when in fact it was the previous government that created Canada’s sound fiscal policies while this current government has been racking up the largest deficit in Canadian history which includes spending over 1 billion dollars to host this summit (wheni t only costs 20 to 30 million for other cities to host it in the most recent past ie: London and Pittsburgh ) Sorry but I dislike the spread of mis-information.

  2. Nicole Humphries-Voorhoeve says:

    Well it’s nice to see that some people still pay attention to politics! I agree that the previous government created sound fiscal policies, but the current government is still a fiscally conservative one. Perhaps that’s one reason why Canada came through the recent economic downturn relatively well.