Gayana Eco Resort: The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Paradise

- Melanie Zieba,

gayana-eco-resortThe Gayana Eco Resort on Gaya Island, Malaysia is one of the few resorts that go above and beyond the standard sustainability practices that most eco-friendly hot-spots do.

Overlooking the China Sea, The Gayana Eco Resort pledges to protect its share of Mother Nature with a vision to provide guest with an exceptionally high international standard of hospitality in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

Located at the edges of a lush jungle forest on a coral reef island off the coast of Borneo, this resort has 44 tropical villas over the water that are architecturally designed to enhance the soothing sounds of the surf below.


Spend your days here relaxing in the sun, take a trek though the thick jungle or take a dive to view the oceans treasures. And after a long day, dine out at one of their three fabulous restaurants serving up some of the world’s best seafood along with special touches of Malaysian cuisine.

gayana-resortDevoted to marine ecology this resort has created an authentic simulated habitat of eccentric fish species, their very own laboratory, coral and clam holding tanks and an edifying auditorium. And because Gayana is home to 7 of the 8 Giant Clams in the world, they also run a Giant Clam Restocking Program. This type of work is extremely important and because of their efforts their Marine Ecology Research Center, the endangered Giant Clams are well on their way to further reproduction.

Not only is the Gayana Eco Resort great for a couple’s getaway, it’s also a wonderful place to bring the whole family.  This luxury resort also plays host amazing kid programs where they can get up close and personal with marine life hoping to create a future generation of marine lovers.


As a special treat to all guests, Gayana also has a Reef Regeneration Program, a nautical highlight where guests are given the honor or replanting replenished corals back to the reef of the China Sea.

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  1. Some day I will be able to go!!!

  2. This Gayana Eco Resort is indeed, The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Paradise” This place seems refreshing and relaxing for a long vacation…
    Thanks a lot for sharing with us.