Get Married in Hawaii with the Fairmont Orchid

- Melissa Mewdell,

The Fairmont Orchid Hawaii is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a great honeymoon hotel or a luxurious hotel for your wedding! Spend some time here with your sweetheart to relax in the sun, or say your vows outside on the beach.

Hawaii is the perfect place to host a wedding or to go on your honeymoon. Not only is it warm and gorgeous year round, but there is plenty to do on the “Big Island” of Hawaii, ensuring that you have a fantastic time on one of your most important holidays! In fact, the Fairmont Orchid is one of the best Big Island hotels in the Kiwi Collection.

The Fairmont Orchid Hawaii is one of the best hotels to go if you’re looking for a romantic setting for your wedding or your honeymoon. This Hawaii luxury hotel has 540 guest rooms and suites and a special amenities package called “Make Room for Romance”.

Some of those amenities include a romantic trail of orchid petals from the guest room to the bed and arranged on the top sheet in the shape of a heart, Hawaii made bath crystals and gels, floating candles in the washroom, tropical massage lotion, chocolate dipped strawberries and a bottle of champagne.

For a more exclusive experience, the Fairmont Orchid also has “gold rooms”: a private reception area and 45 enhanced guest rooms and suites and access to the exclusive gold lounge and outdoor patio. Here, you get the upmost in service while enjoying the company of other like-minded guests.

For weddings, in particular, The Fairmont Orchid Hawaii is perfect as a venue because of the gorgeous scenery around the resort. Think lush waterfalls, pristine ocean views, sugary beaches and every type of flower imaginable. This Hawaii resort has both indoor and outdoor sites that are perfect for weddings. We strongly recommend checking them out when planning your big day. The Fairmont Orchid Hawaii Big Island Hotels

And, of course, regardless of the purpose of your stay, there is a wide selection of places to eat and drink on the resort.

You’ll find a place that suites your mood, whether you’re feeling like kicking back on the beach or whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two.

If you’re on the beach, be sure to check out Kahakai Bar for a drink. The Orchid Court is the best restaurant at the Fairmont Orchid to get breakfast. You may also want to enjoy the resort’s weekly Polynesian feast, held outdoors, with a live performance called “The Gathering of the Kings”.

  1. Resort Guru says:

    I had to report on this article because I just returned from my own wedding at this very resort! The experience was perfect, better than I ever imagined it. If you are even considering it you should do some more research, it is a very memorable place to get married.

  2. this looks like a great place to get a tan. thanks resort guru. your comment is very valuable. this made me think that the resort is really a great place to stay at. i do hope i get to visit hawaii soon.

  3. Amery says:

    comments should always be made when you read something as good as this, thanks a million

  4. Oh, what a lovely place! That’s why many couples dreamed of a Hawaii wedding
    These lovely flowers, the nature, the people.
    Aaah! This is what you call a perfect wedding.

  5. John Chance says:

    yeah, a perfect wedding. Lovely flowers, great scene, a great place for a wedding. A couple’s dream.