Going Green Doesn’t Mean Giving up Luxury Travel

- Bradley Cocks, our SVP of Business Development for the Asia and Pacific region, has been part of the Kiwi Collection team for over seven years. Originally from Canada, he relocated to Sydney, Australia in 2004 and still resides there today.

Kiwi Insider Bradley Cocks gives us the lo down on some of Kiwi Collection’s best green hotels, for those of us who want to help the environment in style! Going green is not only an innovative (and cost saving) business direction for hotels, but a great way to differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive market. Check out Kiwi Collection’s photo gallery of eco-friendly hotels.

Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge PanamaAs competition for the luxury travel dollar becomes more intense, many high-end hotels are looking to attract clients and save operating costs by becoming more green.
These properties are among the best in the world and the variety of luxury offerings is a diverse as the planet.

Sundance Resort IdahoSome are exceptional resorts such as the ocean destination Punta Caracol in Panama or the Sundance Resort in Utah’s hideaway for business leaders and celebrities alike.

What I find interesting, however, is the way smart hotel chains are seeking out the business travel market through green initiatives; these include Starwood with their Element brand and Kimpton Hotels. Many of the independents are also carving out a niche, including the trendy luxury hotel Nine Zero in downtown Boston.

Nine Zero HotelA leader in the Asia Pacific region is Nihiwatu,which set up the successful Sumba Foundation. The hotel produces 100% of its energy needs from bio diesel made from coconuts; they recycle absolutely everything and even have a carbon-offset program, to date planting over 64,000 trees. The owner is a good friend of mine, Claude Graves, an American with a vision of setting up such a project over twenty years ago.

These businesses often find going green isn’t that onerous and guests appreciate things like healthy food – organic or not – and towel reuse programs.

If you are looking for a green hotel, here is my checklist of what to look for:

Nihiwatu ResortElements of a green hotel:

– Energy efficient lighting and timers
– Alternative energy sources (i.e. solar, bio-diesel)
– Water-saving fixtures and policies [including towel reuse]
– Sustainable cleaning products
– Sustainable in-room amenities
– Green offerings for guests (organic food, transportation, events)
– Refillable soap bottles in rooms
– Recycling program

If you’re thinking of taking a trip in the near future, sites such as ours at Kiwi Collection direct visitors to green hotels around the world. You’ll be surprised the number of options waiting for you – from exotic get-aways to downtown business hotels.

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  1. Janis R says:

    One of my favorite place to look, as well as your website, is http://www.environmentallyfriendlyhotels.com. By using both websites, I am able to find a green hotel just about anywhere I travel.

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